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Bar d'Factory "Vunder Bar" v2.0

(insert spiffy photo here)

  • What: A new bar for the new space
  • Who:
    • The bar itself: “donated” by an anonymous bar in Fremantle
    • Steel support brackets and concrete fastening Anton Lord
    • Stainless steel drink / project display “on extended loan” from Anton Lord - refitted with properly secured plywood floor, painted white for reflectivity and fitted with 12v LED strip lighting (powered by a hacked PC PSU)
    • Additional decoration of glassware / skulls / fez by SKoT McDonald, Jason Muirhead and others

Bar d'Factory v1.0

  • What: The social space of the Artifactory, the Bar d'Factory is an outlet for furniture and interior design by the members.
  • Who: Many have helped, most notably…
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