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Basic Arduino Beginners Kit - V2.0

There are often attendees at Arduino U who are just starting out and have not yet invested in any hardware. This kit is intended for these folk. The kit has been developed to meet the following criteria:

  • CHEAP A Genuine Arduino or official clone is around $45. This is a quite an investment when you don't even know what the thing is yet!
  • Basic but adequate. The kit should have a wide enough selection of VERY BASIC parts to allow construction of SIMPLE circuits for most of the “example” programs that come with the IDE.
  • Fruit is Fun! There should be at least a few “complex” components to allow at least a glimpse of what the platform is capable of.
  • Available NOW! Cheap components and parts are readily available from various Chinese websites, but these usually take a month or more to arrive. In any case, beginners will generally not know what to order from such sites.

Kit V1.0 was a small batch produced in 2015. Although successful, it took a lot of time to prepare because parts were sourced from multiple vendors - with the aim of securing the cheapest available, reasonable quality parts to minimise cost. This time, the aim is to identify and purchase a kit that is essentially pre made and then improve it with additional components.

Target cost for the entire V2.0 kit is between $10 and $15. Sale price will be between $20 and $30. The profit will go directly to the space. There are plenty of premium price Arduino kit products out there already - this needs to be a basic beginner “hack pack” that gives good value for money.

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