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 +====== Compressed Air Line ======
 +This project is to provide air for various uses around the space. It will be completed in several phases based on time, availability,​ materials and a bunch of other factors.
 +===== Phase one =====
 +Ran piping from the large compressor (next to lasers) over the machine room, across the far room and up to the front roller door.
 +This was done with (specifics?​) heat bonded tubing.
 +===== Future =====
 +  * shift compressor outside under cover - requires a hole in the wall, external power and protection against the elements.
 +  * 24/7 compressor - the current machine is not designed to be left on.
 +  * compressor to lasers - they currently have dedicate small compressors which come on with the machine
 +  * compressor to Swarf - as above
 +  * compressor to machine room
 +  * compressor to sand blaster
 +  * additional outlets
 +  * automated water trap emptying.
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