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This is here for Archival purposes only.

Much of the Audio Equipment was stolen in Feb 2016 break in.

Audio Equipment Setup

I just want to play things!

Tl; Dr; - How do I hook up my MP3 player and get music.

  1. You will only be using the Mackie Mixer, so do not worry about anything regarding the DJ Mixer
  2. If the equipment is off, check out Turning Things On below
  3. Ensure Channel 5-6 (3.5mm) or Channel 9-10 (Dual RCA) on the Mackie Mixer are muted
  4. Plug in your equipment and set your output volume to unity gain (80% of your device's max volume if you don't know what “Unity Gain” is :) )
  5. Make sure the “Main Mix” knob on the Mackie Mixer is at least 1/4 turn open
  6. Un-mute Channel 5-6 (3.5mm) or Channel 9-10 (Dual RCA)
  7. SLOWLY raise the volume on Channel 5-6 (3.5mm) or Channel 9-10 (Dual RCA) until your music is at a suitable volume
  8. before you disconnect your equipment, mute the channel.



<box 276px blue left|3.5mm Input Jack> </box> <box 276px blue left|RCA Jacks> </box>

12 Channel Audio Mixer

<box 660px blue left|12 Channel Audio Mixer (Mackie 1202-VLZPro)> </box>

Power Amplifier

<box 660px blue left|Power Amp (Stereo, 300 Watts RMS per channel)> power_amp.jpg </box>

DJ Mixer

<box 660px blue left|6 Channel DJ Mixer (Allen & Heath Xone '62)> </box>

Default Patching

Turning Things On

  1. Turn the Mackie on (rocker switch is on the back, on the right hand side, closest to the power cable. it's the bigger one of the two rocker switches)
  2. Turn the Power Amp on (big black rocker switch in the middle)
  3. Check the PA volumes are correct (a good volume is 4 notches from zero)
  4. If you are turning the DJ mixer on, make sure the channel it's patched to (By default, 11-12) is muted while you turn on the DJ mixer
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