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-Process Guide for Open Days 
-One Month Before: 
-  * Committee to resolve to have an open day, agree date, appoint 2 or more Open Day activists from the members. 
-  * Announce date as an Event on: 
-    * Facebook 
-    * Wordpress blog 
-    * Twitter 
-    * member mailing list 
-  * Call for helpers, demonstrations, activities 
-  * Think up a gimmick 
-  * Create Posters 
-Three Weeks Before: 
-  * Put advertising posters up in membership-target Unis, Hobby Shops, Arts Centers, Remida, etc. And the Artifactory itself!! 
-  * Firm up volunteer numbers, start thrashing out The Gimmick. 
-  * "Bump" all tweets, events, etc; if possible with new images or some other bait. 
-Two weeks Before 
-  * Build some demonstrations. 
-  * Lock down assistants 
-  * "Bump" all tweets, events, etc; if possible with new images or some other bait. 
-Week Before 
-  * Make sure you have lots of membership forms, Artifactory flyers etc for attendees 
-  * Put signs up explaining various parts of the Artifactory, some of the inventions, etc. 
-  * Clean up - reduce tripping hazards, cables stren across paths, sweep machine room and organise scrap materials not to fall on people. 
-  * Organize food + BBQ, if sizzling sausages. 
-  * Work out a loose schedule for the day, so there are Events and Excitements at various times during the day. 
-  * Restock Fridge, if needed 
-  * Ensure all volunteers know the basic introductory speech / guided tour for visitors, and to get visitors to sign visitor book on exit.  
-On The Day 
-  * Suggest noon start time on a Saturday so you have morning to do last minute scrambling 
-  * Bring food, if sizzling sausages. Gas for BBQ. 
-  * Make sure an Artifactory sign goes out the front of the building! 
-  * Have a roster of greeters so that visitors are ushered in and given propaganda 
-  * Make sure Visitors wear safety gear! Make sure prospective members understand we have insurance, take safety seriously, etc. 
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