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Informing Event Officer and Committee

  • Make sure the Committee and Event Officer know you are running an event/workshop. They can help you work out what you need to think about, who can help, practicalities, and any legalities for running the Bar. They are your organisational Friend!


  • Planning:
    • Check date, theme, and space setup requirements with Event Officer. Things to think about and discuss with Event Manager - do you need:
      • video projectors? laser projectors?
      • chairs and tables? Who is getting the space ready for the event BEFORE visitors arrive?
      • Cash float / ticketing person? Do you need someone to be on the door collecting cash?
      • Enlist volunteers! Make your life easier, and more fun. Make sure they know clearly what they are going to be doing. Clear delegation lightens workloads and makes it all more community-fun.
      • Bar staff & alcohol License? We need 14 days notice to get a License, and the licenses cost $50 - factor this into your budget. If you are operating between 7 and 10pm, we don't need a License under the Cultural Event Exemption. Licensed events require at least one bar staff with a Restricted Club Managers License and ideally all Bar Staff should have completed the Responsible Service Of Alcohol course.
        • You CAN run the bar (with an RSA-trained, card-carrying Bar Manager) without a licence between 6-10pm for under 75 people(additional toilets are need above 50 people) under the small cultural event Exemption rules - ie for events that have a purpose other than drinking. This is how NoizeMaschin!! and other events operate. The same alcohol service safety and duty of care apply implicitly.
        • Make sure you have FREE WATER available if serving booze - can be a jug of water on the bar with some cups.
    • Submit names/phone numbers of those running the night to Event Manager. This is so the manager can help check on things if someone is suddenly unable to attend
  • Prior Weeks:
    • LIQUOR LICENSE. Do NOT assume someone else is getting it for you.
    • SECURITY. If your event is likely to attract a large group of viral-event Facebook randoms (eg a trance party or similar), you may need bouncers to keep them out.
    • Advertise on:
      • Artifactory website
      • Facebook (see above - consider NON-PUBLIC event, only friends-of-friends, or by admin invite or approval)
      • Artifactory Google Calendar
      • Email - artifactory-core mailing list
      • Prepare a run sheet and circulate it amongst your volunteers so everyone knows when setup time begins, who is getting what supplies when, doors opening, entertainment / talks schedule, and kick out / cleanup.
  • Day of Event - Prior:
    • Do you have all equipment you need? Check before your leave the house!!
    • Clean space in readiness, including toilets, bins, sinks
    • Check there is Toilet Paper! And hand soap, and towels.
    • Isolate machines and member projects if Visitors are likely to interfere with them.
    • Check bins are empty and ready to accept garbage. Put ashtray buckets outside to collect cigarette butts.
    • Check stocks of soft drinks in fridge - get Ice / Alcoholic Drinks if running bar. If providing your own drinks, do a stock take of what was there beforehand, and make sure it gets replaced.
    • Do you need a float for tickets and bar? Organize!
    • Make sure Artifactory sign is switched on, and any roadside signs are put out.
    • If running an door-entry-fee-desk, make sure you have a cash float, ink & stamps, and someone sitting with all the above all the time.
    • Check that there are clear and obvious fire escape paths through the furniture. You may want to have teh main roller door unlocked (but still down) just in case.
    • Do you have all equipment you need? Check one last time!!
  • Day of Event - During:
    • During Welcome speech, Announce Rules Of The Space - entry fees, toilet location, fire exits, Artifactory being non-profit community club. If not running a bar, tell people how the Fridge works. Ask that people CLEAN UP before they leave - return tools, clean benches, stack chairs, etc
    • Take photos!
    • Check visitors aren't messing with machines or people's projects.
    • If running a bar, make sure you adhere to time restrictions (unlicensed cultural events 7-10pm, licensed no later than 1am) and Responsible Service Of Alcohol rules.
  • Day of Event - After:
    • Clean space - make sure all furniture is restored into usual storage locations, main space is clear
    • Empty bins into skip - bins full of food wrappers and beer bottles go manky quickly.
    • Wash up glasses / plates.
    • Switch off Artifactory sign, bring in roadside signs
    • Check that there aren't any machines or tools or other weather sensitive equipment outside.
    • Secure any leftover drink stocks in committee office or fridge, empty ice from any drinks tubs.
    • Check that watering system is connected and tap is ON.
    • Check all doors and gates are secured.
    • Check toilets for general operational cleanliness.
    • Do stock-take of fridges, note difference from start of event.
  • After Event:
    • Use photos to write Website and Facebook articles
    • Write a summary of event for artifactory-core (or send artifactory-core a link to website and Facebook articles)
    • Write an operational & financial summary for artifactory-committee
    • Bask in glory of a well-run event!
    • Send thanks emails to guest speakers, volunteers, performers.
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