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Parts Wanted

If you have a burning need for hard-to-source parts, post your needs here and you may just find what you are looking for.

  • Make sure you list your contact details so people can reach you.
  • List as much technical detail as possible. Just a photo of the device may not get as many responses as a photo with a few measurements or tech specs.
  • REMOVE your entry when you get the part or no longer need it.

For Personal Use

NEMA 17 stepper motors

These are steppers that are 42mm on each side for reference. preferable 4 wires (bipolar) but 6 or 8 is acceptable.


letsburn00. letsburn00 at hotmail or gmail.

Windscreen wiper motor & gearbox assemblies

Two of them, preferably identical. 12V, metal gearbox case, relatively large. (going to be used in a winching mechanism)


bdowning brett.downing1 at gmail dot com

Misc Parts

1 x PIC 16F886 Short lengths of acrylic rod (solid) ~75mm diameter Short lengths of aluminium rod (solid) ~75mm diameter Giant circuitboards (size of A3 page or larger, A2 size better) for art project


factotum see user info page

For The Space