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Parts Wanted

If you have a burning need for hard-to-source parts, post your needs here and you may just find what you are looking for.

  • Make sure you list your contact details so people can reach you.
  • List as much technical detail as possible. Just a photo of the device may not get as many responses as a photo with a few measurements or tech specs.
  • REMOVE your entry when you get the part or no longer need it.

For Personal Use

NEMA 17 stepper motors

These are steppers that are 42mm on each side for reference. preferable 4 wires (bipolar) but 6 or 8 is acceptable.


Peter Hillier. letsburn00 at hotmail or gmail.

Misc Parts

  • 1 x PIC 16F886
  • Short lengths of acrylic rod (solid) ~75mm diameter
  • Short lengths of aluminium rod (solid) ~75mm diameter
  • Giant circuitboards (size of A3 page or larger, A2 size better) for art project
  • Twin 36W fluoro light fittings (needed urgently for tool room)
  • 44 Gallon drums - preferably ones that haven't had flammable goods in them
  • Light weight steel mesh or heavy duty square chicken wire (galvanized even better)
  • Oxy / acetylene (or propane) torch (cutting) head
  • “Rose bud” oxy or LPG heater tip
  • 20-25L plastic buckets with handles (with or without lids) - the type used for fishing, catering supplies, building products etc
  • RGB LED emitters
  • Thermally conductive adhesive
  • Aluminium plate (5mm or thicker) big enough to cut D-150mm circles
  • Formply (new or used)
  • Weldmesh
  • Large diameter ~300mm plastic pipe (short lengths fine)
  • A storage hot water system (dead or alive) to salvage the boiler
  • About 25L of waste cooking oil
  • ~100 x 25L white plastic drums (no, that's not a typo) - the square ones used for storing chemicals


Anton Lord see user info page

For The Space

  • Larger spanners? around 38mm/1.5“ (or adjustable) - largest adjustable spanner in space is ~32mm?
  • Pallet racking
  • Pallet trolley (pallet jack)
  • 14V AC 1.0A power supplies for our remaining network cameras

Group Purchases

Save on shipping and use the power of group purchasing!

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