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The Gate

Artifactory Door

The Artifactory Door is controlled by an AVR based microcontroller driving an ID-12 RFID reader and a high-security electric door strike.

If you become a paying member you can then pay a 3 month membership key bond to acquire a RFID key which allows you access to the space 24/7. Please email the treasurer with your expression of interest and they will email you an invoice and inform you what you need to do.

The Basics

Opening the Space

To open the space, simply hold your RFID token 5-15mm from the face of the external reader box. If the light in the reader turns green then the door is unlocked. To open the door once it has unlocked you need to push it forward to relieve pressure on the solenoid before pulling it open. The door should pull open fairly freely.

If the light in the reader turns yellow then your token has been recognised but the conditions to allow your entry have not been met. If you are an associate member this means that there is nobody else in the space or if you are a restricted member it means that the system clock does not believe that it is a time that you have access to the space.

If the light turns red then your token has not been recognised.

Guest Access

Once you have opened the space as a full or restricted member, you will note that none of the buttons on the internal box are illuminated, this means that the space is open but in member-only mode, meaning you will still need to scan a valid RFID token in order to open the door. If you would like to allow guest access, simply hit the green button. Whilst the space is in guest mode the green button will be illuminated and the door can be opened simply by pressing the button on the external box.

Closing the Space

* Close, Lock, and “security bolt” both ROLLER DOORS.

This means walking around, opening the doors and checking thoroughly. You have to make time for this no matter how tired you are.

  • Close, Lock, and “security bolt” rear door to courtyard
  • Ladies bathroom light
  • Coloured LED strips: bar lights, blimp lights, if appropriate
  • CAD Room - Computers/Lights (Wiggle mice to check)
  • GPO wall switches for both lasercutters (also controls the extraction fans in the tool room)
  • Tool Room - Tools and lights (GPO wall switches inside the tool room door on the right)
  • LED flood lights front and back - Switch above the notice board in foyer
  • Artifactory Beacon Light (Above front door) - Switch above the notice board in foyer


  1. Band Room - Only applicable for Bands.
  2. CAD Room - Switch located on wall above the Espresso Piano - Hold for a few seconds to switch off.


* Closing the front door firmly. Push back to check closed.

  • You can also try simply hitting the red button on the internal box, the button and the external box will both start pulsating red, this will last for 60 seconds and is the lockup grace period. During the lockup grace period the space can be re-opened by pressing the button on the external box (just in case you locked your keys inside!). Once the grace period has ended the external box will turn purple for a couple of seconds indicating that the space has completed its lockup sequence and is now considered closed.

* Close and padlock the carpark gate. Jumble the combination code.

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