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How much does it cost?

The Artifactory is funded by its membership, workshops/events, donations and other fundraising, all funds received go towards keeping the spaces doors open.

Level Cost Details
Casual Access $10 / Day Need to use the tools for a day. Additional costs apply for major tools.* (Excludes the rehearsal room)
Full Membership $75 / Month Access to a communal workshop space located in an industrial estate, with indoor and outdoor work areas (excluding rehearsal room) Access to and usage of heavy duty tools, machines and facilities Discounts on Artifactory run Events and workshops, Free WIFI, Small kitchenette and toilet facilities. Full Description is in Membership Classes.
Concession Membership $45 / Month As above for Full membership but available for students and starving hackers. 24/7 Access if you pay a 3 month key bond. Small costs apply for major tools.* Membership Classes.
Band Membership $100 Access to The Artifactory Rehearsal Room with at least 3 rehearsal slots a month, Free entry for band members to Perth Artifactory run music related events. Including NoizeMaschin!! and the ModularSynth, Free WIFI, Small kitchenette and toilet facilities, CASUAL USER RATES apply to band members to access tools/machines/workshop. For full description see Membership Classes.

Check our Calendar or Facebook page to see when the next Open day/ New member training day is on to come check out the space. (Open days are usually held the first Saturday of every month)

How do I join? The Artifactory uses TidyClub(Now TidyHQ) to manage its membership. The following is the suggest path to joining the Artifactory (if you want to jump straight in email –

  1. Register your interest by joining the FREE visitor level membership. This is OPTIONAL. It will prompt a committee member that you are interested in joining the Artifactory.
  2. Visit the space a few times. Visiting is FREE. Check the webcams at first to see if people are there first. If you joined as a visitor organise a time with the friendly committee member who contacted you.
  3. Make something at the space as a Casual member. If you’re using resources (tools, consumables, etc) place some money in the honour box.
  4. Join as member and for a few months make sure you’re getting value out of the space.
  5. Pay your bond and get an RFID key to the space.#

For your initial visits to the Artifactory come along to any of the events shown on the calendar.

You can also address enquires to

Join up»»>:

Tool Usage Costs apply to the following tools

+ Casual Access fee above for non-members

  • Laser Cutters - Member Rate: Big Red $0.20 Little Red $0.10 per minute rounded up to the nearest dollar. Casual User Rate: $5 per 10 minutes rounded up to the nearest $5 NOTE: You must be Artifactory Trained to use these tools.
  • Welding - $20 an hour
  • 3D printer - $0.20 per gram
  • CNC machines - Member Rate: $0.10 per minute rounded up to the nearest dollar. Casual User Rate: $5 per 10 minutes rounded up to the nearest $5 NOTE: You must be Artifactory Trained to use these tools.

#If you become a paying member you can then pay a 3 month membership key bond to acquire a RFID key. This allows you access to the space 24/7. Please email the treasurer with your expression of interest and they will invoice you for the bond and inform you what you need to do. Enquiries to

Invoicing and Payment Process through TidyHQ

Benefits of Artifactory Membership

  • Your very own Inner-City fully equipped Communal Shed for building Stuff, 24/7.
  • Be part of a group of enthusiasts with pro IT, Engineering, Art, Music, and lots of techno-DIY skills who all like to Make Stuff and share their knowhow.
  • Your own storage space for your STUFF at the factory (you'll need to provide your own lock it you want one, also note there are limited lockers).
  • Dishwasher, washing machine: keep the space clean! Even the teatowels!
  • Association accounts for group orders:

Discount Information

Thanks to the generosity of a number of suppliers means that membership at the Artifactory results in a discount on a range of items, information on this is available here.

New Members Guide

New Members Guide and Member Handbook - All you need to know to get started at the Artifactory.
Access Information - Information on accessing the space, locking up and parking.
Our Constitution of the Perth Artifactory Inc..

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