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-  *Members are entitled (subject to availability) to a single committee authorised storage space (up to 150L) left in a tidy and safe state. ​ It maybe a locker or storage space on the pallet rack. Full [[committee:​committeerulings#​member_storage|Member Storage]] rules can be found in the bylaws.  +
-  * **No guarantees are made to the security of your belongings on site.** ​+
-===To get a storage space=== +[[=new_members_guide#storage_space|Members ​storage ​information on whatwhere and how much are found here.]]
-  -Contact the Member Storage Officer or a [[committee:​start#committee_and_other_responsible_members|Committee Member]] with your request for storage.  If a preferred location is knownplease state that in your request. +
-  -Given that there is no waiting list for storage you will be allocated with a spot promptly +
-  -Mark the Locker/Tub with your full name and phone number or email. +
-  -**Don'​t Put Expensive Stuff in it** +
- +
-===Member Storage & Termination of Membership=== +
-If you cancel your membership via resignation,​ termination etc your belongings will be stored for a period of one month. Once period has expired the belongings will be claimed by the association and may be used or disposed of as the Management Committee sees fit. Full details see the bylaw [[committee:​committeerulings#​member_storage| Member Storage point 3]]+
 **List Last Audited 19/​12/​2018** **List Last Audited 19/​12/​2018**
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