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 ====== Banned Materials ====== ====== Banned Materials ======
-Don't even ask if you cant cut these materials. Its just not going to workNote that this list is not complete - it will be added to as new materials are requested  and investigated**Only** cut from the **approved list** of materiels .+Some materials are dangerous to put in the laser cutterIf you are not sure what a material is then do not cut it. Some plastics look like acrylic but release chlorine gas when cut. Experience laser operators and maintainers can test samples of materials with extreme caution.
 Forbidden Materials: Forbidden Materials:
-  * Polycarbonates - Releases cyanide - very bad for operator +  * Polycarbonates - Releases cyanide - very dangerous to people 
-  * PVC or Vinyl - Releases chlorine gas - very bad for machine+  * PVC or Vinyl - Releases chlorine gas - very dangerous to people and very bad for machine
   * Glass - you can etch it but if you try to cut it will shatter.   * Glass - you can etch it but if you try to cut it will shatter.