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Heavy Tool Room (Machine Room)

The place for using tools that are not too dusty. (Take really dusty tools outside)

Area Rules

The following rules apply to activities in the toolroom

  1. Clean up after yourself. This especially includes getting rid of swarf/sawdust
  2. Do not use a tool unless you know how to use it. Seek help if you need it.
  3. Everything on the shelves, or on the drill bit cabinet is for general use. This includes drill bits, fasteners and tools. If you have stuff in there that you don't want people using, you need to store it someplace else
  4. The tool room is not a place for materials storage.
  5. All Dremel-related items go under the main workbench. Put them back when you're done.
  6. Anything left out will be assumed to be a donation to space and stored on the shelves for general use. You have exactly as long as it takes for someone else to find it and use it to rescue it.

Tools Available

Please see Tool Register for a list of all the tools. Available in the tool room are:

Heavy Machines

Power Tools

Tool Location Quantity
Heat Gun Tool Cabinet 1
Anglegrinders Tool Cabinet 2
Circular Saw Tool Cabinet 1
Cordless Drills Drill-bit bench 3
Drills Tool Cabinet 2
Hand Sander Tool Cabinet 3
Small Sander Tool Cabinet 1
Jig Saws Tool Cabinet 3
Electric Plane Tool Cabinet 2
Electric Planes Workbench 1


A fairly large selection of Dremel tools is kept under the main workbench.


A fairly wide variety. Larger ones are stored on a board near the entrance, smaller ones will be in a drawer in the Machine Room.


Screws, nails, nuts, bolts and miscellaneous small items are either being stored in a drawer in the machine room, or will be. This is a work in progress.

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