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Genome Hacking Workshop

When: 18 June from 10:00am to 5:30pm
Where: The Perth Artifactory, U8/16 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park
Facilitator: Hugo Herter @HugoHerter
What: a one day workshop on Genome Hacking and DIY Biology

Fees: Free for Artifactory Members, $10 for visitors.
Other: Bring a computer (see Requirements below)

Link to the slides :

From the basics of biology, this workshop will guide you to understand genetic code and design your own genetic systems. You will also have an overview of the minimal material required to start building your own genetically modified organisms using techniques such as BioBricks and DNA synthesis.

Hugo has a M.Sc. in Bioinformatics and Modeling, and participated with a team from ULB (Belgium) to the iGEM 2010 competition of Synthetic Biology led by MIT, USA. His team developed a new way of synthesising glue using genetically modified bacteria, which is now available in the BioBricks Parts registry. He has also been teaching Sciences and Robotics to children and teenagers in an non-profit organisation in Brussels, Belgium.

If you are interested in DIY biology and think about starting biohacking in you garage, want to learn more about DNA deciphering or simply want to know more about the possibilities of that technology, then this is the perfect opportunity to start with.

Secondary Talks

  • A few slides about Evolution, genetic algorithms (incl. cool 3D and music stuff) and Artificial life. By Hugo
  • (to be confirmed : Music Perception by SkoT )


Participants will need a computer for the hands-on parts of the workshop. Minimal requirements are a Web browser, a Text editor and 3D rendering capabilities.
While most parts should work fine on all operating systems, I cannot guarantee that everything will run fine on systems other than GNU/Linux and OS X.

For simplicity, a Linux virtual machine pre-installed with the non-web programs being used will be available for VirtualBox (Open Virtualization Format Archive).

Coming soon…

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