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PP3D UP! 3D Printer

Component Price GST
Printer $1619 $161.90
Subtotal $1619 $161.90
Total $1780.90


The PP3D UP! 3D printer is as close as you can get to an 'appliance' 3D printer in the sub-$10k price range, we have RepRaps and MakerBots which are fantastic for people interested in 3D printing but, there is a group of people very keen to use 3D printers without necessarily knowing or caring about how they work, the UP! gives us a printer that just works.


Name Amount Received
Daniel Harmsworth $200 Yes
Shay Telfer $200 Yes
Harry King $200 Yes
Mason Larobina $100
Doug B $100
Brett Downing $200 Yes
Peter Dreisiger $200 Yes
Samuel Hurst $200 Yes
Ian Marshall $100 Yes
Christopher Hall $200 Yes
Total $1700 95.5%
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