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Laser Cutter


The space now has two lasercutters!

We have applied for a Lottery West Grant to get a laser cutter for the space, but this may take time & require co-funding. If it takes too long to come through (or fails for some reason), we can look at getting a smaller model as Plan B.

TODO: Is it worth setting up a Pozible count for this? (Costs 5%)

TODO: Daniel - can we get details of the model you were quoting the other day?


A Laser Cutter would allow fancy woodwork, engraving, and more. Who doesn't like lasers?

The Laser Cutter would be a draw card for new members, and encourage casual visitors as well.

Use would be paid-for, similar to how we run the 3D printer, but far cheaper than commercial laser-cutting services.

Training would be required prior to use.

Bits we need to get

Component Price GST
Laser Cutter $3500 -
Subtotal $3500 -
Total $3500 -

Contributors / Pledges

Members: please add your pledge to the cause here…. Donors / Friends of the Artifactory - please contact for details, or use Paypal to make a contribution! You will get some FREE LASER CUTTING TIME as thanks, or an Artifactory Widget Of Gratitude ™.

Name Amount Received
SKoT McDonald $200 no
Jason Muirhead $200 no
<your name> <your pledge> no
Total $400 11.4%
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