Arduino U

A fortnightly evening of talks about and hacking on Arduino microcontrollers.

#1Intro to ArduinoSKoT28th Sep 2011
#2Arduino Internals and port bashingbdowning12th Oct 2011
#3Ethernet ShieldSKoT26th Oct 2011
#4General Arduino Hacking 9th Nov 2011
#5SensorsKai23rd Nov 2011
#6 7th Dec 2011


#1Arduinos And MIDISKoT14th March 2012

If you have done something interesting with an Arduino then please consider getting up and talking about it for 10-20 minutes at a future Arduino U. You don't have to be an Arduino/electronics/programming expert! Add your potential talk to the list below along with dates that you can/can't attend.

TopicDescriptionPresenterPossible Date(s)
TellyMate ShieldI can talk about my home built version of the Batsocks TellyMate TV out shieldmattrAnytime
Arduino EthernetEthernetDHCP, EthernetDNS, EthernetBonjour - automatic service discovery using Bonjour/ZeroConfmattrAnytime
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