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Supporting Letters

The purpose of this page is to collect sources of supporting letters for backing Artifactory grant applications, and its existence in general.



  • Geoffrey Drake-Brockman
  • Ollie Kellow
  • Spatula (Liaison: Jenna)
  • Southern Edge Arts (Liaison: SKoT)


Curtin University
  • Mark Parfitt - Fine Arts, Curtain University (Liaison: SKoT) [, 0400 557 759]
  • Tim Keely - Marketing Manager, Faculty of Science and Engineering (Liaison: Daniel)
  • WAAPA music academics (contact: SKoT)
    • Sam Gillies [, 0403 973 211]
  • Challenger TAFE (Contact: Daniel)
  • Central TAFE (Contact: Simon K?)


  • Dr Beazley - WA Chief Science (Liaison: Jason)
  • WA minister for science? Arts?

Industry - Science!

  • Clare Parnell (Scitech & noise artist) (Liaison: SKoT)

Industry - Incubator Companies

  • FXpansion (audio software company) (Liaison: SKoT)
  • Audio Vault Events (silent disco music event organizer and technology developer) (Liaison: SKoT)
  • Vellocet Heavy Audio Manufacuring Concern (computer / music interface development company) (Liaison: SKoT)

Community / Cultural

  • Conventions - Swan Con, Genghis Con (Liaison: Brendan)
  • The Great Steampunk Affair (Liaison: SKoT)
  • PLUG (Perth Linux Users Group) (Liaison: Nick)

Draft Letter

To Whom it may concern,

I think the Artifactory is a vital part of Western Australia because….

Yours sincerely,

Brownie Points

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