Post AGM Report

Chairperson Daniel Harmsworth
Deputy Chairperson SKoT McDonald
Secretary Peter Dreisiger
Deputy Secretary Simon Kirkby
Treasurer Jason Muirhead
Deputy Treasurer Peter Dreisiger
Antony Lord
Nick Bannon
Brendan Ragan

Since our last AGM the Artifactory has moved! We've been in the new space since December and its going great, the larger space and industrial setting have allowed us far greater flexibility in how and when we operate the space (including the ability to run CNC machines at 2am without annoying the neighbours!).

Full Lease

The decision has been made to pursue obtaining the full lease for the Artifactory's premises at U8 / 16 Guthrie Street.

Tool Room

With the acquisition of the space proper, we will gain access to the storeroom located at the back of the space, it is the intention of the Artifactory to convert this into an enclosed tool room for our heavy, noisy and dust-creating tools such as the Swarf-O-Mat.

AudioVault Events

We've recently had AudioVault Events, the company behind Perth's silent disco's take up residence in one of the Artifactorys' incubator offices. The AVE guys are members of the space and are very keen to work with other members on performance technology projects.

Full details of what we've been up to out in the community or in the space are listed on the event history page.

The Artifactory had a stall at the Curtin University RoboFair last year and has been asked to do so again, this is a great opportunity for us to attract new members as well as to help promote Science & Technology.

The Artifactory has been asked to attend the Nutty Professors Expo in Harvey that will be happening this October, this is a great opportunity to meet with regional folks interested in technology and perhaps even seed either an independent South-West hackerspace or look at supporting an Artifactory remote-site for regional hackers.

With more space comes more opportunity! The Artifactory has the capacity (and distance from residences!) to run more events around a wider range of topics.

NoizeMaschin!! is the Artifactory’s series of experimental audio and video gigs, tending towards the noisy, drone-y, and loud. More information is available on the NoizeMaschin Website.

Membership has been steadily growing and we are currently at around 40 financial members, with many more people using the space casually.

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