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Materials & Artifact Policy

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The Artifactory's membership is growing. And while the new space felt expansive during the move in Dec 2010, it will soon not be possible to leave projects where they lie.

We need to remember that the resources at the Artifactory are for all members, so those who are here frequently shouldn't monopolize the place to the exclusion of others.

So a new “materials policy” is proposed, that covers materials being bought to the space for anyone's use, for specific project use or for personal use.


Firstly, what are materials? Materials are the base items that we make stuff from. This doesn't cover tools nor does it cover artifacts; which are finished objects such as the arcophone.

Secondly, you maybe thinking this is all moving too quick! Well we are all volunteers busy with others aspects of our lives and projects to build. So this policy is proposed to take effect from the AGM, where it will be discussed. This time is to allow for new resources (eg shelves) to be installed.

Anyone's use (materials up for grab) There will be a dedicated place for incoming materials that are for anyone's use. Large pieces of wood or metal are to be placed in the backyard. Everything else that you want to bring for anyone's use are to be place on the shelves marked “Hack Me”. These shelves will be cleared monthly after a committee meeting.

Project materials (material for specific projects) There will be project draws, cupboards and pallets. All materials for a project must be on / in one of these. To be eligible for a draw, cupboard and/or pallet you need to have the project documented on the wiki - Projects. Should a project not have activity for several months and there is a shortage of project storage, the project participants will be contacted by the committee. Should a project be found without a wiki entry it will be marked as “To be cleared” and the project owners will have a fortnight to correct the situation (either update the wiki or remove the project).

If your project is so large that it can not be kept on a pallet (eg EV) then it needs to remain mobile and instructions available on the wiki for how to move it.

Personal materials (you're own material for your own use) This belongs in your locker. Sorry but the Artifactory can't be your extra storage facility.

Stranded materials. All materials found outside of the areas or circumstances described above will be disposed of. If the committee is feeling kind or lazy the stranded materials maybe placed on the “Hack Me” shelves to be disposed of at a later date (after the next committee meeting).


So you've finished a wicked project and want it to be on display. Well so do we. The display case near the front door and the benches & shelving not in working areas are appropriate homes for your completed artifacts. Please update your project wiki entry to complete / good enough / artifact. If we run low on space for artifacts then the committee will contact the owner(s) of the artifact on display for the longest time to determine where the artifact in question can be relocated.

Should you want your artifact be in permanent display at the Artifactory you need to nominate it for the Artifactory's Permanent Collection (aka Warehouse 14), which is to be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting.


Materials policy:

  • Materials bought in for anyone's use goes either on “Hack Me” shelves provided or back yard
  • “Hack Me” shelves will be cleared every month.
  • Project materials belong on/in project pallets, draws or cupboard or if larger than pallet must remain movable
  • To be eligible for a project pallet, draw &/or cupboard you need to maintain an active build log on the wiki
  • Projects larger than pallet must have moving instructions on wiki
  • Personal materials belong in your locker
  • Any materials found outside of these conditions will be thrown away (unless they are cool and maybe given a month's reprieve on the “Hack Me” shelves before being thrown away)

Artifact policy:

  • Complete projects can be on display outside of work areas, with priority given to newer artifacts
  • Artifact owners can request permanent space for display that will be voted on at the AGM