Closing Procedure

Following these steps is part of your responsibilities as a keyholder. If you cannot close up please contact the committee via #general on Slack.

Recent changes:

  • Front gates are no longer locked. (to provide access to the defibrillator in the event of an emergency)
  • Rear shed is no longer locked. (tools no longer stored in shed)
  • Rear roller door is now motorised, no need to manually lock.
  • Roller door to backyard is down, controller is to the right of the door. (No need to manually lock)
  • Door to the left of bar is locked and bolted
  • Compressor should be left on (big 3-phase switch)
  • Outdoor power points (smaller switches) to left of roller door to be turned off.
  • Shed power comes from machine room. (Shed is not locked)
  • All machines and tools in woodshop are turned off.
  • Both powerpoints next to back window are off (this also turns off the shed power).
  • Light switches for the tool room are to the right of the door as you walk in.
  • Lights are off.
  • 3D printers are turned off unless currently printing a job.
  • Computers can stay on.
  • Turn off Aircon if on. The button is located in the far left corner of the room above the resin printing bench.
  • Lasers are turned off, computers can stay on.
  • Lights above the lasers are turned off (top left switch)
  • Ladies Toilets light is off. Mens toilet light will turn off automatically.
  • Lights above the central table are switched off (powerpoint outside CAD room door).
  • Bar lights are off. Powerpoint is on the left side, next to the small door.
  • Band room door is locked, aircon can be overridden using the top switch on the powerboard outside the Design Lab.
  • Make sure any soldering irons on the workbench are switched off.
  • Turn off bench power using the switches on the wall behind the bench.
  • Turn off room light.
  • Ensure roller door to car park is down and bolted. Check that the roller door stays down when pulling chain in either direction.
  • Turn off overhead lights using the block of 3 switches next to the door.
  • Turn off appropriate switches on the power board above the photos.
  • If you haven’t already, check the machine room, as its lights cannot be seen from outside.
  • Check all the lights are off. Only the First-Aid box and the Exit signs should be emitting light.
  • Firmly close the front door behind you and make sure it is locked.
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