Committee Meeting 2011.02.19

Members Present

  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Simon Kirkby
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Shay Telfer
  • Skot McDonald

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 11:57
  • Closed: 12:38
  • Next meeting: 5th March. 1300

Action Items

  • PD to email core to think about nights / etc for the new space
  • BR to harass people about wireless internets etc.
  • SK will determine what we are on.
  • SK will determine what the current PSTN line is.
  • SK will set up openERP for Artifactory
  • BR will set up VoIP for Artifactory
  • SM and BR will arrange the Sundowner on the 5th of march.
  • SM will write grovel letter to St. Marys


  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Accepted.
  2. Correspondence
    1. Electricity Bill has been received but we haven't paid it because it's too high. Bill is $660 and we should only pay $220.
    2. Cheque back from the Real-estate agents, we overpaid by $140.
    3. Visitor from Canberra Hack-space coming in on Wednesday (and possibly other times).
    4. More contact from Paypal - we are fine by them but not fine by anti-terrorism yet.
    5. Gig for Arcophone at Scitech in early march. Experimental Music Night
  3. Property report
    1. No co-tenants meeting, needs to be arranged!
    2. Need to make sure the air-con is turned off at night.
    3. Burglar alarums are $300.
  4. Office-holder Reports
    1. Chairman
      1. Nothing to Report
    2. Treasurer
      1. $1500 outstanding. 2 Full members left, 1.5 Members arrived.
      2. Simon Kirkby is on the Incubator membership so he's paying $300 a month.
      3. about $4K in the bank, but SM hasn't been repaid.
    3. Promotions Manager
      1. We need one!
      2. Stickers?
  5. General Business
    1. New arcophone kits are coming
    2. Random body turned up on wednesday so hopefully someone will become a member
    3. OpenERP to handle billing, stock etc.
    4. UWA O-Day is on Friday (25th Feb). We can't get a table, but we can put up poster and flyers at the UCC table.
      1. SM will take Giant Robot for a walk
      2. Need some good flyers
    5. Curtin we were too late, but we could just walk around. Curtin O-Day is on the 23rd Feb.
    6. Murdoch O-Day - we missed it.
    7. Today we'd like to get Whiteboards up on the walls, for internal advertising, Membership pricelists, Jobs
    8. Moving Committee Meeting to Saturday Morning.
    9. Sundowner on the 5th of March, tunes etc.
      1. Need flyers for this before the 23rd.
      2. Open from 1400
      3. Sundowner begins at 1600
      4. Sundowner ends when people leave
    10. Jason Muirhead will talk to his sister about doing our Tax stuff.
    11. Skott and Brendan to talk to Chris about advertising material.
    12. Skott will write grovel letter to St. Mary's (Skip)
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