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Committee Meeting 2010.02.01

Members Present

  • Peter Dreisiger
  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Simon Kirkby
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Shay Telfer

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 20:10
  • Closed: 21:03
  • Next meeting: 1st February.

Action Items

  • PD to email core to think about nights / etc for the new space
  • BR to harass people about wireless internets etc.
  • SK will determine what we are on.
  • SK will determine what the current PSTN line is.
  • PD to Get meta workshop info up and running Done
  • SM to get details of all other committee details to andrew etc. Done


  1. Finalise agenda for this meeting
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Not accepted due to lack of quorum
  3. Correspondence
    1. None
  4. Property report
    1. Minutes of second co-tentants meeting available here
    2. Lease has finally been signed; copy to be provided by Andrew Wheatly soon
  5. Office-holder Reports
    1. Treasurer's Report
      1. ~$9750 in bank, $800 to clear. $4000 needs to be released to Skot.
      2. Currently owed $3050 by 15 members, five of which owe more than the 3 month deposit.
      3. PD will send out balance update emails.
      4. Need to get the membership system running! For now, a spreadsheet will be created/managed and versioned somehow.
      5. 1 new full student member.
      6. Jim Veller is probably not going to stay a member.
      7. PD in the process of sending out account summaries to membership.
      8. Billing details for rent, etc. yet to be received from real.
  6. General business
    1. Shay on Committee
      1. DH moved that ST be added to the committee. PD Seconds, none opposing - PASSED
    2. Recuiting / Promotions
      1. ST will talk to Chris Creagh at Murdoch about Artifactory
      2. Brett will talk to lecturers at UWA.
      3. Curtin oday Wednesday 23rd Feb
      4. UWA oday Friday 25th Feb
      5. ST can check UWA's oday prices
      6. DH will email tim at curtin about oday
      7. Michelle spoke to the Australia Council (Digital Culture Fund) - Fee Plumley
        1. Keen to check out the Artifactory.
        2. Keen on a “hacker” or “artist” in residence programme.
        3. Interested in talking to us about getting a Grant.
      8. PLUG is coming for a meeting.
      9. Local Rocketry plug.
    3. Internal Server Infrastructure
      1. Internets
        1. Treasury will determine how much we can spend.
        2. SK will determine what we are on.
        3. SK will determine what the current PSTN line is.
        4. Once the above is done, committee will make a decision.
      2. Local hosting
        1. PD will set up a cron job to dupe the ldifs and keep the remote LDAP in sync.
      3. Email Aliases
        1. PD proposes we set up a “committee@artifactory” that goes to people.
        2. DH will set up the above
    4. PLUG will be making a bid for LCA in 2014
    5. Workshops
      1. How to run a workshop workshop
      2. RAID/NAS Overview/workshop
        1. 3 Parts
          1. Overview of NAS/SAN setups (freenas, openfiler, opensolaris, roll-your-own-linux)
          2. San/Nas InstallFest
          3. Hardware building
      3. VM Overview/Workshop
        1. 2 Parts
          1. Overview
          2. Installfest
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