Committee Meeting 2011.01.18

Members Present (Inquorate)

  • Peter Dreisiger
  • Daniel Harmsworth

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 20:10
  • Closed: 20:20
  • Next meeting: 1st February.

Action Items

  • PD to email core to think about nights / etc for the new space
  • BR to harass people about wireless internets etc.
  • PD to Get meta workshop info up and running Done
  • SM to get details of all other committee details to andrew etc. Done


  1. Finalise agenda for this meeting
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Not accepted due to lack of quorum
  3. Correspondence
    1. None
  4. Property report
    1. Minutes of second co-tentants meeting available here
    2. Lease has finally been signed; copy to be provided by Andrew Wheatly soon
  5. Office-holder Reports
    1. Treasurer's Report
      1. ~$9400 in bank, including $4000 in bond recently returned from Burt St
      2. Currently owed $2575 by 13 members, three of which owe more than the $300 key deposit, eight of which owe two or more months
      3. No new members, one member's key deposit returned
      4. PD to send out account summaries to membership
      5. Billing details for rent, etc. yet to be received from realo
    2. New committee positions
      1. Shay Telfer has volunteer to be memberships' manager; PD to send email to -core to ask for confirmation
  6. General business
    1. DH raised OH&S points: we should get a business-grade first-aid kit (at $220 from St Johns) and put together a register of people qualified to administer first aid
    2. PD sent out email about meta-workshop; current have 7 attending, 13 maybes
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