Committee Meeting 2010.11.16

Members Present

  • Skot Mcdonald (SM)
  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Brendan Ragan (BR)

Apologies from Peter Dreisiger

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 19:50
  • Closed: 20:30
  • Next meeting: 30th November

Action Items

  • New: SM to email out core about move.
  • New: SM to arrange a skip.
  • New: DH to document shelling in from outside on the wiki.
  • SM to do full account summaries for members.
  • PD will email core about cleanliness.


  1. Finalise agenda for this meeting
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. SM mailed out account details (except for andy, who is leaving)
    2. SM forwarded insurance details to BR and sent them to our current landlord
    3. DH couldn't chase the landlord because he went on holidays
    4. PD did in fact email out about cleanliness
  3. Correspondence
    1. We got the Invoice for Nov 15 to December 15 (which has been paid)
    2. SM got the insurance address changed to his house
  4. Office-holder Reports
    1. Chairman's Report
      1. Departed member - we wish him well. He has requested to stay on the mailing list
      2. Connecting with other Artifactories in australia re: documentation etc.
    2. Treasurer's Report
      1. Sent out account details.
      2. $800 in the bank, rent paid until the 15th of December. $1500 expected to come in.
      3. Membership system is required.
  5. Property Reportback
    1. We've entered into discussions about a property on Guthrie Street in Osborne Park.
    2. He is very amicable, has similar interests.
    3. The space looks really good.
    4. Wiki page here.
    5. Need to answer a few questions before we sign a lease.
    6. Hector street property is now available.
  6. General Business
    1. Organising Cleanup and Packing
      1. Boxes
      2. BR Suggested bookstores (White Dwarf Books and Fantastic Planet) as they often have heaps of boxen
    2. Email going out to members asking for boxes, vans/ute's and packing material.
      1. Skip will need to be booked.
    3. External Access to the artifactory system?
      1. External SSH Access. Should be documented on the wiki.
    4. Membership System.
      1. Build it in house! Have a play. Backs onto LDAP.
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