Committee Meeting 2010.10.21

Members Present

  • Skot McDonald (SM)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Jason Muirhead (JM, observer)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 7:35
  • Closed: 8:31
  • Next meeting: Tuesday 2nd November


  • PD will email out about keeping 3 months ahead. done
  • DC will email out to core about DCF.
  • SM - Prospectus.
  • SM will email out to core about plan for new venue. Done
  • DH will email Anton at Factotum. Done
  • PD will contact iiNet about internet access. Taken up by Kai, who will also work on the prospectus
  • DC will contact insurance about new venue. Replaced with the following
  • New: SM to forward insurance details to BR who will contact insurance company
  • New: DH to chase outgoings breakdown and make an offer on a 5 year lease


  1. Minutes of previous meeting Acceptence moved by DH, 2nd by SM, passed.
    1. Action Items;
      1. Skot says: holding off fleshing out prospectus until new venue
      2. DC was supposed to contact insurance about new venue, hasn't; SM to fwd insurance details to BR
      3. DH wrote to Factotum to get advice, all good there much advice.
      4. PD approached Kai/iiNet about discounted internet access, Kai will rerig proto-prospectus.
  2. Correspondence
    1. PD sent email to -core about 3 month fees in advance
    2. Sheffield sent invoice for nov/dec.
    3. SKoT got a bill, paid it
  3. Office-holder Reports
    1. Treasury: we have $900, most people paid up
      1. New people: Matt, Kat, Daniel and Paul. 2 student assoc, 1 assoc, 1 full.
      2. Bond people: $1k Jason, Kai, PeterD, SKoT, Daniel, PeterH Try: Mason
      3. Drinks added $150 this month. Woot.
    2. Chairman's report:
      1. none
  4. Property Reportback
    1. Sub leasee dropping out. - Kaneda is being difficult, thinks he needs more space. “Montena A” room at Loftus. Meh.
    2. Asking $29k, $25k + $9k outgoings. DH to chase outgoings breakdown, 5 year lease. DH to make offer.
    3. Check that committee isn't liable for cash anymore!
  5. General Business
    1. First suspension for long-term non-payment looming: DC. SM, PD propose: suspended from membership & committee as of now, formally lapse at end of Oct. Key must be returned.
    2. PD talked with Jenna and Michelle about setting up some small, short-term, rotating and theme-based Artifactory residencies-cum-remote sites that would be hosted by other interested organisations (e.g. Fremantle Arts Centre, Remida, etc.). Potential themes include 3D printing, circuit hacking/microcontroller, and computer music/arcophoning workshops; these workshops could adopt a similar fee structure to our themed nights, with proceeds shared between the Artifactory and the host organisations. Not only would these workshops (and the presence of Artifactory machines and equipment) bring additional people into the host organisations, but they would likely lead to more people joining the Artifactory. More to come.
    3. Gossip: We made Hackaday/, website hits up an order of magnitude.
    4. Running arts focused workshops - Michelle keen, 6-8 week lead time.
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