Committee Meeting 2010.10.05

Minutes from meeting with other Orgs

  1. Meeting with Rebel Empire, Pyon Gaming and Art person
    1. Kaneda from Rebel Empire
    2. Adam McCaw from Pyon Gaming
    3. Michelle Outram an Artist
    4. Artifactory is looking at getting a new space, suggestion has been raised if we got a bigger place and people who wanted to use it we could more easily afford it
    5. Artifactory Requirements are:
      1. Loud at times
      2. Ability to run workshops and larger events
      3. 225 m2, 330m2
    6. Rebel Empire's Requirements
      1. need some storage space (30 m2)
      2. 200 m2 space for workshopping / training.
      3. 150 m2 isn't out of the question.
      4. Sprung floors would be nice perhaps we can work up to
      5. Would any of his members be interested in the Artifactory? - Yes
    7. Michelle's thought on what artists would be interested in
      1. Workshops floated to artists which gets them into the space
      2. People are looking at data visualisation, motion capture
      3. Symbiotica talks are something we should probably go to
      4. Delivering talks to project offices at the Department of Culture and the Arts
    8. Adam from Pyon
      1. Runs gaming nights and movie screenings
      2. Mainly interested in running events
      3. Currently running gaming nights every 3 months
      4. Looking to get up to monthly events
    9. Concerns with dividing the space from dave
      1. Skot doesn't think this will be a problem
    10. Artifactory is primary lease everyone else is sub-lease

Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Dave Cake (DC)
  • Deputy Chair: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Secretary: Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Treasurer: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Peter Dreisiger (PD)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 20:58
  • Closed: 21:35
  • Next Meeting: 21st of October, 7:30PM


  • PD will email out about keeping 3 months ahead.
  • DC will email out to core about DCF.
  • SM - Prospectus.
  • SM will email out to core about plan for new venue.
  • DH will email Anton at Faktotum.
  • PD will contact iiNet about internet access.
  • DC will contact insurance about new venue.


  1. Accepting previous minutes. DH Seconds.
    1. Unanimous Acceptance.
  2. Business Arising from previous minutes
    1. DC will email out to core about DCF
    2. PD will email out about keeping 3 months ahead.
  3. Correspondence?
    1. Invoices from Sheffield (Real Estate Agent) for the months ahead
  4. Treasurer's Report
    1. $550 in bank, Outstanding fees $2500 for this month. Last month we paid the rent and the back-dated outgoings. 2.5 Members signed up. Projected Break even in May 2011.
  5. Chairman's Report
    1. Goal for next year: Get to ElectroFringe!
  6. General Business
    1. Moving to new Venue
      1. Finances wise
        1. Need a bond together - $1500 - $2000 coming in from RE, 6 people that were willing to put in $1000 each. Need about $19 K.
        2. Treasurer says we are ready to roll.
      2. Email out to Core
        1. Looking at between 330m2 and 400m2.
        2. Looking to have RE as key tenants and a social space (which RE will use as well as others: Pyon Gaming etc).
        3. In all seriousness, we don't have any other options.
      3. Venue application
        1. Can Anton sit in?
        2. 16 King Edward.
        3. Looking for other venues as well.
        4. Need to have a week overlap to settle into the new venue.
      4. Internet
        1. Can we get something from iiNet?
        2. Make sure we aren't on a contract.
      5. Insurance
        1. Will want to know lots of info about the new premises.
    2. Rotating Chair / Secretary
      1. DC has more commitments - is this a problem with him?
      2. BR thinks that when the venue problem and break even is settled, we'll be able to back off on the committee meetings.
      3. For now we will be running formal meetings.
      4. BR is happy for other people to take minutes if they want.
      5. Membership book is in google documents
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