Committee Meeting 2010.09.21


Property Stuff

  • Possible warehouse in Osbourne Park for 24k/yr - waiting to hear back so we can go see.

Finance Stuff:

  • Chairman's ID → Paypal with Great Urgency (we have fees in limbo there)
  • Overdue fees protocol - when Treasurer went to pay rent last month, we had 1400 owing (2/3 of which by committee members), which sucked, and he couldn't pay. Still need to scrape together the extra outgoings bill too ($700)
  • Paypal commission - should we absorb the 1.6% commission, or add it to fees?
  • Bank: empty, once this month's rent and insurance are paid.


  • 1 new full member (Paul Stone)
  • 1 new assoc. member (Alwyn Llyod-Nixon)

Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Dave Cake (DC)
  • Deputy Chair: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Secretary: Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Treasurer: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Peter Dreisiger (PD)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 19:50
  • Closed: 20:58
  • Next Meeting: 11th of September (after the AGM meeting)


  • Need to send an email to general membership about 3 months ahead.
  • BR - Ignition Coil - Any good size sedan's ignition coil. Preferably high voltage and low voltage isolated - find some. V8 Commodore preferred.
  • SM - Prospectus
  • Everyone - Projects we can do for the Digital Culture Fund


  1. Membership
    1. Alumni Membership Discussion - voting or non-voting?
      1. Price? $120 / year (in advance)
      2. No access to materials
      3. All standard member web access stuffs.
      4. Access to AGMs
    2. Supporting Membership? - probably not a “real” membership, just some sort of auto-donation system on the page?
  2. Correspondence
    1. Town of Vincent complained that our bins were left outside.
      1. $40 per bin to get them back if we do it again.
      2. We shall endeavour to not do it again
    2. New premesis
      1. Nothing heard back from the Drake Street people yet.
  3. Chair's report
    1. Successful AGM
      1. Reasonable numbers, everything got done, committee formed etc.
  4. Treasurer's Report
    1. $1750 in the bank, $3000 in rent owing.
    2. 1 New Full Member, 1 new Associate.
    3. May get 2 more Student Associate members.
    4. BR is not sure that he paid a bond, or if he did, has it run out?
    5. Paypal has all their details, so hopefully we will get that money unlocked.
    6. 3 Months in advance required as bond for all memberships except where it's more (i.e. Alumni Membership)
    7. For existing members they have 3 months to get 3 months ahead. If it's a problem - contact the committee.
  5. New Venues
    1. Possible place in Mt. Lawley (Town of Stirling side) that used to be a bakery
    2. North perth Cowle street - possible venue.
  6. Arcophone
    1. What help to get it done?
      1. More testers required
      2. Workshop?
        1. Maybe after we move to the new space and the board is sorted
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