Committee Members

  • Deputy Chair: Peter Hillier (PH)
  • Deputy Secretary: Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Treasurer: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Deputy Treasurer: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 19:45
  • Closed: 20:12
  • Next Meeting: 9th of September (the final pre-AGM meeting)


  • DH and SM to continue to search for, and inspect, potential new venues
  • SM to continue to work on the prospectus
  • PD to send call-to-committee email to to -core


  1. Previous minutes
    1. accepted unanimously
  2. Previous actions
    1. SKoT has venue-related correspondence
  3. Reports
    1. Treasurer
      1. $100 in the bank; rent up to $2250 to cover electricity
      2. potential members: SKoT talking to 2, Daniel also talking to 2
      3. some members still in arrears
    2. Property report
      1. Noel called SM prior to meeting to ask if we were willing to extend the lease for two months on the proviso that the place be used as a warehouse; this was agreed to by the committee members present (proposed by PD, seconded by DH)
      2. no new properties to discuss
      3. plan going forward
        1. finish prospectus so we can better sell ourselves to other organisations
        2. start approaching councils and grants bodies
        3. conduct membership drives to get more people so we can afford to move into a larger place
  4. AGM preparations
    1. date set, BR sent out notice
    2. General Activity (Annual) Report
      1. contents to be edited on the wikie
    3. need to impress the need for help around the move upon the wider membership
  5. Other news
    1. DH and Brett Downing sent their design for the improved Jacobs Ladder driver circuit off to a manufacturer. The initial batch will consist of 50 PCBs; the complete kit should sell for about $25 each, with the $10-15 profit going to the Artifactory
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