Committee Members

  • Chair: David Cake
  • Deputy Chair: Peter Hillier
  • Secretary: Brendan Ragan
  • Deputy Secretary: Peter Dreisiger
  • Treasurer: SKoT McDonald
  • Deputy Treasurer: Daniel Harmsworth

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 19:40
  • Closed: 21:18
  • Next Meeting: 31st of August, Pre-AGM meeting on the 9th of September.


  • DC will need to send out DCF funding information to the list
  • BR needs to send out the Agenda for the AGM
  • Skot / others to make sure that BR and DC know the new agenda item regarding new “higher” subscription level.
  • Skot will talk to noel. We see if we can stay for another year.


  1. Minutes from Previous meeting
    1. minutes accepted unanimously
  2. Correspondence?
    1. Noel (dealt with later in meeting)
    2. Paypal (Daniel is liaising with them to set it up)
    3. Bill for outgoings (extra $700, increased electricity usage)
  3. Chair person's report
    1. Nothing other than looking for Arts grants. There is another round of the Digital Culture Fund happening - DC thinks we should apply for this fund again, DC will post to list. Midland council have a space they want to fill with a Lab for locals to create Indie Games - they might want to put a RepRap in - which will cost them money.
    2. When is AGM? (later in meeting)
  4. Treasury report
    1. No cash, owed $700.
    2. $6000 is sitting in the bond for the existing premises.
    3. New premises will need a bond, likely to also require $800 in legal fees.
    4. $700 extra outgoings.
    5. Breaking even based on subscriptions (but people haven’t paid / have paid in advance)
  5. Peter H
    1. Blimp has been back burner-ed because of the $1000 required.
  6. AGM
    1. We need to set a date. 21 days notice required. Agenda needs to be finalized when the notice is sent out.
    2. Nominations need to be in 7 days before the meeting.
    3. Need to send out notifications for nominations.
    4. Date is the 11th of September.
    5. Notice of meeting should state when nominations close.
    6. Idea that we charge for space - “higher” subscription level. $200 a month (including membership) a $100 membership + permanent space. Dedicated Space Membership.
    7. Notice will be sent out via Core
    8. Peter H moves the 11th of September for the AGM, Daniel H seconds, unanimously approved.
  7. Venue
    1. BR, Skot and Daniel visited the OP venue.
    2. Bigger than current location, all on one level.
    3. Near the freeway, near Glendalough train station.
    4. Possibility for a mezzanine style level.
    5. Rolling doors only.
    6. Discussion with property manager regards modifications - owner is happy for us to make mods within code / sanity.
    7. More expensive than current venue.
    8. Less Central.
    9. Concrete floor, 3 phase power, overhead lighting.
    10. Photos are on wiki.
    11. New Venue found by Kai.
    12. Daniel H will make appointment for venue.
    13. Do we have to move out? Yes - either that or put in an application.
    14. Sublease option.
    15. Suggestion that we hassle Stirling council.
    16. Anton’s venue for storage of stuff if we lose our existing venue.
    17. Daniel, Skot and Dave Cake to organize on behalf of the organization with respect to the new venue.
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