Opening 8:08pm, 27 July

[DRAFT - not accepted by Committee yet]

Peter D, Dave, Daniel, SKoT, apologies from Brendan

Minutes from previous meeting -

  • Amend: Blimp Kits - Peter H to organise Group Buy
  • Dave Cake- to organise a trip to the safety store.

Minutes accepted - Dave 1st, Daniel 2nded

Matters arising from minutes

  • Dave - hasn't talked to arts people
  • Dave - HAS talked to lilypad peeps (Mark Parfit is ordering conductive thread, doing tests).
  • Peter D - has creative coms crafting / hacking videos for showing at Curtain
  • Peter D - hasn't sent email asking for wiki updates
  • SKoT - draft accounts ready
  • SKoT - no rouser of Open Day 2. To discuss
  • Daniel H - will continue starting safety plan “OUTSTANDING”.

Correspondence - Noel Telstra, Amnet Dave - BDSM group - appreciated tour, some may join in future Dave - textiles @ curtain, flocking, tufting Daniel - got email from Osbourne park guy, perhaps go look see

Dave: Need to have AGM by end of sept, need to set date and location for AGM next meeting. Possible move day? Possible venue change vote? Who to drag onto committee for year ahead? Who wants to leap off?

Finance Report

  • Bank: approx $1200, expected income should be sufficient for August (need 2325/month)
  • About $500 oustanding from members for July
  • (draft accounts presented for 2009/2010)
  • SKoT to do: Final accounts by next meeting. Work out if we need to submit


  • draft rules not created,
  • no safety gear bought yet
  • Peter D has safety templates he may be able o scrounge form work.
  • WIKI for draft manual templates to be hacked by all
  • So more tool safety HOWTO pages.
  • Safety gear day: Dave says - “how about Friday after that” - Safety.
  • Daniel says: will make WIKI page about safety!

Power Committee - on Hold

General Business

Change of Venue

  • DCA
  • Dave to contact community art friend who may know spaces
  • Get a prospectus together to interest arts or council or govt bodies, give to real estate agents etc. Prospectus to include membership prospectus (gives overview of what the Artifactory is all about) as well as requirements for a venue.
  • Skills and Innovation - find incubator funding - chase up Bill Marmion.
  • fwd skot email to Noel about requirements to committee. → to WIKI for collaborative drafting. DONE: 2010_new_venue_search
  • We need a Google Doc Survey for surveying membership on what they what from - Dave will make Google Doc survey, ask committee for all questions.

This sunday: Pints and Pizza at Scotsman 3pm - come one come all. Peter D. to promo (DONE)

Open day - next sunday (10th)

  • SKoT to hit Facebook, promo etc, pint and pizza again. Low key.

Other business

  • Jacobs Ladder kit - Brett and Daniel - CNC'ed circuit board - supplement Artifactory income!
  • Committee minutes to go up on WIKI
  • Agenda to go up on WIKI for next meeting and hope to get mow core people
  • Automate reminders via Google calendar?
  • Chair to moderate the agenda
  • Peter D: can committee roles rotate? DC: not according to our constitution, but we have flexibility in constitution to rearrange, but it is a pain in the ass. Maybe we could have more OGMs, or open meetings? Idea to give more members experience of chairing, secretary-ing per meeting or per set of meetings. Easier to rotate chair than longer-term responsible roles like treasurer/secretary. Can we get temp roles like “Minute Taker” responsible to the secretary, or Meeting Convener for one-off chair, etc etc.
  • Jason in Quartermaster role is getting more toilet paper.

Next Meeting: Tuesday August 10th

Meeting closed 9:26pm

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