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Committee Meeting 2018-05-05

  1. Usual business
    1. Acceptance of last meeting's minutes
    2. Correspondence
    3. Property
    4. Chairman's report
    5. Treasurer's report
    6. Other officer's/Event Coordinators reports
    7. Subcommittee reports
    8. Area Host reports
    9. Cornwall House
  2. Other business
    1. Any expenses/For reimbursement
  3. Review of Action Items
  • Present:
  • Apologies: Blake Samuels
  • Absent:
  • Opened: OPEN
  • Closed: CLOSE
  • Next meeting: NEXTMEETING, n weeks
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER

Chairperson's Report


Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance

Membership Report

Current Status

Membership as at 2017-xx-xx:

  • X (+1) Full Members (Monthly+Annual);
  • X (-1) Concession Memberships (Monthly+Annual);
  • X (-0) Family Membership
  • X (+0) Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • X (-0) Band Memberships
  • X The Residency
Cancelled Non-Payment

Memberships to be cancelled for Non-Payment (+90 days due):

Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER
New memberships for approval
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By MOVER
Seconded By SECONDER

Bandroom Report


Promotions Officer Report




Event Coordinators Report

  • NoizeM - (Coordinators Stuart, Tim, Jean-Michel)
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators Hugh, Doug)
  • DIY Synth - (Coordinator Lemming)
  • Open Day - (Coordinator Steve, Lemming)
  • ADUG - (Coordinator Richard Harrington, Stuart)
  • Cosplay - (Coordinator James, Lemming)
  • Other Events
  • Laser Subcommittee
    • Report from Blake (prepared ahead of time because absent)
      • Can you please vote on electing me “secretary of laser subcommittee”? I'm acting in that roll, sending the emails for maintenance sessions and things like that. I've been told the main committee should approve it.
      • A few issues through the last month with bed out of level and belt failure but they were dealt with reasonably quickly. I think big red is in good repair at the moment. Hour meter was 149 hours on 2018-04-23.
      • Add hour tracker here:
      • Lemming has been looking at new tube for little red. The spare was a bit too large and a new end cover is on order. Adam Fiannaca (involved with initial setup of laser cutters) will assist with the changeover (and hopefully train us so we know what to do next time)
      • Having 1-2 monthly maintenance sessions. Getting 2+ members along. There has been some interest from other members to learn more and get involved with maintenance. We want to encourage that and have a decent group of people that are able to do bed levelling, look after head assembly and generally keep the machines running. Probably suplmentented with 1 monthly maintenance sessions would be good.
      • Nick is keen to get more people involved with the training - train up some more trainers. Will be looking at running some sessions. Maybe on committee meeting Saturdays (week before open days). Still TBA.
  • IT Subcommittee
    • REPORT
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