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Committee Meeting 2017.05.10

  1. Usual business
    1. Acceptance of last meeting's minutes
    2. Correspondence
    3. Property
    4. Chairman's report
    5. Treasurer's report
    6. Other officer's/Event Coordinators reports
    7. Subcommittee reports
    8. Area Host reports
    9. Cornwall House
  2. Other business
    1. Any expenses/For reimbursement
    2. Dan Exit
    3. Improving
  3. Review of Action Items
  • Present: LEM MK Tanner NB STU
  • Apologies:Steve
  • Absent:JM, Russel
  • Opened: OPEN 8:40pm 10/5/17
  • Closed: CLOSE
  • Next meeting: NEXTMEETING, n weeks
Status Accepted/Rejected

1 Obstain 3 yes 1 no NB questioned accuracy of the minutes concerning dispute and sension

  • Nothing major
  • ECU sent thank note regarding Arduino evening the were very happy and hope to continue with events int he future
  • SwanCon happy with hiring gear
  • E-mail from swapcard - not worth chasing
  • Perth review video made which Lemming being interviewed videos were out of focus Lemming may send stills
  • Hayley wants another cos-play workshop Mon 15/5
  • Mike O'hanlon 220 Pier street property, no discussion on price or Sq-m area 2400sq m lots that
  • Lots of good feedback from Open day
  • Address being changed for ATO
  • Don fixed the Tap out the back, (LEM says no leaks inside)

Chairperson's Report

  • Good month 25 people in the open day
  • 2 new members
30/04/2017 31/03/2017
NAB Balance $4489.26 $4109.32
Pending TidyHQ / eftpos $148.77 $264.26
Guthrie St Bond $6000 $6000
Balance $10638.03 $10373.58
Quarantined Funds
Estimated RFID Key Members Bond Value $7875 $7640
For Insurance 18/19 $228 $114 +114 for each month due annually 31/3. (was $158 for $1896 in 2016)
Amount Owed on Sound Equipment $2705 $2705 To be paid for by SwanCon sound equipment hire and NoizeMaschine! event funds. Once full amount collected it will be reimbursed.(see below)
DESIRED BALANCE $10808 $10460
30/04/2-17 31/3/2017
Sound Equipment Funds Collected $2705 $2705 Collected in Full - REFUND SKOT???
REVENUE Last Month 12 Month Average
Membership $3985 $4141
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/Snacks/tool fees/day users/other) $1369 $1255
Grants/Prizes/Donations/Fundraising $0 $76
TOTAL REVENUE $5345 $5472
Lease+Estimated Variable Outgoings -$4224 -$4224
Electricity (bimonthly) -$661 -$333
Insurance (12 month average) -$0 -$114
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$285 -$270
Merchant Fees (bimonthly sometimes) -$40 -$40
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$87 -$91
TOTAL EXPENSES (Excluding Equip/Fundraising Exp) -$5297 -$5073
Fundraising Expenses# -$0 $0
Equipment Purchases$ -$18.67 -$442

Mousetrap $18.67

Major Events/Other (Past Month)

  • ADUG - $80
  • Noizemaschin ~$470
  • ECU ~$30
  • Mod Synth ~$390
  • Cosplay ~$ was there any in April?

Money Due (12/04)

  • Membership - ~$4845 steady on last months
  • PCs - $20
  • Curtin Pedal Prix $500
  • KickstART $400
  • Tool Usage $96

Membership Report


  • 31 (+2) Full Members;
  • 15 (+2) Concession Memberships;
  • 1 (0) Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • 5 (0) Band Memberships
  • Memberships for Cancellation for Non-Payment (+90 days due) - Stefan Hoffman


  • Approve / Disapprove of New Members since last meeting -
    • CONCESSION - Ben McCarthy, Ho Ho, Cyra Locsin
    • FULL - Ben Hogan, Siavash Noorbakhsh, Andrew Leitch
    • BAND -

Lockers: No List so far from steve, Russel not seen lately who was labelling them


James from Sunshine Punch wants to do a 2-band membership 3 rehearsals a month believes the rehearsals will be consecutive on the same day -

LEM: Can Tanner talk to bands about more gigs here? (Capacity 50 but with prior notice can expand to 100 by hiring portaloo)

Promotions Officer

Fundraising JMM/StM

  1. Stu will redo figures for JM and Jason's report (doing latest month)

Event Coordinators Report

  • NoizeM - (Coordinators SM, TG, JMM, Skot, Meg) most $ due to Blazing Swan
  • Arduino U - (Coordinators Hugh, Doug)
  • DIY Synth - (Coordinator Lem) 31 non members Dave Faleti cut 12 cases, LEM: can look at pre-made cases. Noize Machin for DIY Synth coming up, STU talking changing dates due to conflicts, Dan moving out may free up space for ADUG and prevent conflicts
  • Open Day - (Coordinator Steve), lots of people, LEM guiding 10 people at one stage, created new memberships from it.
  • ADUG - (Coordinator Nick & Richard Harrington) Scott Hollows is secondary contact but need Artifactory member to get the money and organise. 9 paying + Richard, next Month is National conference and they will be overseas so will move meeting forward. Tueday 23rd penciled in
  • Cosplay - 15th May yet to be added to calendar(Coordinator Lem) Hayley brings tools and just needs tables setup
  • Other Events

Laser Commitee had a meeting

  • NB stepped down as secretary and Jim is now secretary
  • Lemming asked for 2x 50.8
  • MK Maintenance Training should not be done unless a laser safety officer is presence
  • Leeming restrict number of Maintenance
  • NB no need to discuss this in this meeting
  • 3 safety officers
  • STU defer the topic?
  • MK look into legal requirements thinks LSO is required
  • STU proposed to defer until radiation safety authority council documentation is available MK to get information LEM: Seconded
  • STU to consult with Steve as 3rd LSO
  • LEM if the lense is the changed needs to go out on the mailing list MK Jims responsibility
  • STU Making $

IT sub committee

  • LEM wants 1 person as arbiter of decisions
  • LEM wants equipment cost for servers and UPS on grant
  • Door access required manual intervention due to power outage
  • Committee disbanded subcommittee 6c due to inactivity
  • LEM to write up rules


  • Got a mouse in the mouse trap
  • No expenses for re-imbursement
  • LEM investigating Bamboo ply sheets
  • STU Dan exit, looking for new member/tenants, alternatively double efforts on relocation
  • MK People cut PVC on laser cutter.
  • MK 1TB drive is on the server archive \nvr2 in unison, individual account can mean settings are lost so use artifactory committee account
  • LEM Noize Machin residency Proposes offering to Claude. Free Membership for 3 month.
  • Every 3 months the Artifactory kindly allows a panel-selected Audio Artist 3 months membership, with guaranteed NM performances slots. The Artist is to build whacky things or engage with the artifactory in someway, and demonstrate their inventions at NoizeMachin.


New (arising from this meeting)


ACTION (HF) to investigate arduino parts and stuff for courses & syllabus Work in progress

ACTION (Subcommittees) to ask for people interested in subcommittees Ongoing

ACTION (TG) - Manipulation of the history of core mailing list. (not yet done) Can someone else do it?

ACTION: Nick to decide what is needed for laser cutters and to get prices for next meeting. To do

ACTION: (JK) - Finish Grant

ACTION: (MK) - acrylic sheets

  • all decent sheets had been taken so not worth it

ACTION: RFID for office

ACTION: Vending Machine (MK)

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