Perth Artifactory


Committee Meeting 2017.01.04


  1. Usual business
    1. Acceptance of last meeting's minutes
    2. Correspondence
    3. Chairman's report
    4. Treasurer's report
    5. Other officer's reports
    6. Subcommittee reports
    7. Building Report
    8. Area Host reports
    9. Cornwall House
  2. Update on the search for other premises
  3. Other business
  4. Review of Action Items


Members Present

  • Present: LEM, SH, StM, RC, JK, Nick
  • Observing: DavidA
  • Apologies: TG
  • Absent: TP, HF, JMM

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 2015
  • Closed: 2210
  • Next meeting: (1 Feb 2017 at 20:00)

Acceptance of minutes

See: committee_meeting_2016.12.07

Status IS Accepted
Moved By JK
Seconded By StM

Passed without dissent


email about a 1 day basic soldering/electronics course. LEM trying to organise something.

Pat Zor wants to come in and use laser cutter

City of fremantle grant $300 (Stuart) for Pedroland - They(Pedroland) want us to act as a auspicing body. Basically Pedroland needs a Incorporated body community group to receive funds from City of Freo and ensure funds are spent within City of Freo's rules. STUART and RUSSEL to assist Pedroland

Contacted by STEAMsub at the Maritime Museum for collaboration, emailed organiser for potential education programs

Chairman's report

It's been quiet, but we have 4 or 5 new members.

Discussion about possibly excessive use of the space by a single band.

Treasurer's Report

31/12/2016 30/11/2016
NAB Balance $5990.77 $4410.73
Pending TidyHQ / eftpos $0 $171.72
Balance $5990.77 $4582.45
Quarantined Funds
Estimated Bond Value $6915 $6800
For Insurance 17/18 $1422 $1264 +158 for each month
Amount Owed on Sound Equipment $2705 $2705 Amount unknown past meetings. To be paid for by SwanCon sound equipment hire and NoizeMaschine! event funds. Once full amount collected it will be reimbursed.
DESIRED BALANCE $11042 $10769
31/12/2016 30/11/2016
Sound Equipment Funds Collected $2705 $2510 Collected in Full


REVENUE Last Month 12 Month Average
Membership $4720 $4369
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/drinks/tool fees/day users/other) $2078 $1192
Grants/Prizes/Donations/Fundraising $60 $121
TOTAL REVENUE $6858 $5682
Lease+Estimated Variable Outgoings -$4224 -$4224
Electricity -$409 -$439
Insurance (12 month average) -$0 -$158
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$294 -$310
Merchant Fees -$0 -$40
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$63 -$102
TOTAL EXPENSES (Excluding Equip/Fundraising Exp) -$4989 -$5273
Fundraising Expenses# -$310 $0
Equipment Purchases$ -$257 -$571

# $310 Stall and Supanova,

$ Dust Hose $234, aluminium tubing 4 trestle led light bars $23

Major Events/Other (Past Month)

  • ADUG - ~$????????????????????????????????????
  • Noizemaschin ~$430,
  • Mod Synth ~$247

Money Due (04/01/16)

  • Membership - ~$3975 -$1.8K on last months
  • Car park hire (1 weeks)- $400
  • Kitchenette Expenses - $80.50
  • ADUG Sept + Oct + Nov + Dec - $290+DEC,
  • LEDs - $50

Membership Report

  • 30 (+2) Full Members;
  • 14 (0) Concession Memberships;
  • 0 (0) Studio Memberships
  • 0 (0) Annual Sponsored Memberships
  • 1 (0) Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • 5 (+1) Band Memberships
  • 1 (0) Band + Concession Memberships
  • Approve / Disapprove Memberships for Cancellation for Non-Payment (+90 days due)
    • Ben Hollis

MOVED: LEM SECONDED: SH Passed without dissent

  • Approve / Disapprove of New Members since last meeting
    • FULL - Roland Adeney (& Dianna), Gary Usher, Neil Lindebringhs, Abhijeet Satani, Cristian Oyarzun, David Skilton
    • Band - Sunshine Punch

MOVED: LEM SECONDED: JK Passed without dissent

Other officer's reports

Promotions Officer - JK

business cards $42 (from wholesaler) flyers (1000 of each total $190ish)

MOVED JK that we purchase these SECONDED LEM passed without dissent

see info on google drive

Supernova Perth booked June

Lots of ideas of things to take

O day people are on holiday right now

o-day ECU? 20 Feb

mt lawley 23 Feb

Curtin 20 Feb (ish)

we are registered on

would like to use

Has a poster and is putting it up around the place – good response so far

Look at meetup (~$20/month)

grant requires 2 referals. we have one. Asking Raymond Shay???, and several others. JMM looking for something a WAPAA. LEM contacted CSIRO but they can't

Annual report being prettied up.

Fundraising JMM/StM


Event Coordinators Report

  • NoizeM - SM, TG, JMM, Skot, Meg
    • excellent
  • Arduino U - TG, Hugh
    • Nanos to sell???????????
  • DIY Synth - Lem
    • pretty good
  • open day - Steve
    • next week
  • ADUG - Nick & Richard Harrington
    • not this month????????????
  • Other Events

Subcommittee reports

  1. Laser subcommittee
    1. dead big red
      1. not doors
      2. not chillers
      3. maybe psu. we have test resistor but psu is pretty new
    2. $250 est for lens and mirrors + $150ish for beam combiner ($US + shipping)
    3. find out what is wrong with big red before shelling out for extras.
    4. see subcommittee minutes
  1. IT SubComm
    1. some issues with the door (solar panel related?)???????????????
    2. doorbot pcb designed. asking for quotes.
  2. Infrastructure
    1. laser power upgrade
    2. Martin redid outdoor power points
    3. more GPO's around laser cutters.
  3. Events

Building Report

Area hosts Reports

  1. Area hosts
    1. CAD Room - Russell
    2. Electronics Bench - Steve
      1. some more equipment
    3. Tool Room - Lemming
      1. more work done on organization
      2. Dan getting special blade for bandsaw (and it's his anyway)
    4. Welding - Lemming
      1. going fine. a bit finiky to set up
    5. new tables in stage area
      1. can be flipped onto large desk.
    6. Band Room - Tanner
    7. Stage - JMM

Update on the search for other premises

CDM will not be with us into the new year.
Can't sustain burgay ct without Dan.
Lem will try to arrange a deal involving us finding another tenant

Other Business


  1. both LEM and Nick have new angle grinders!
  2. we don't have money to set up a recurring budget
  3. laser cutter air fittings


  1. We need about 15 members to cover the loss of Dan

MOVED LEM: LEM be reimbursed for angle grinder SECONDED: Stuart PASSED

ACTION items

ACTION: Nick to decide what is needed for laser cutters and to get prices for next meeting.

ACTION: LEM to publish grant wish list on list to solicit donations by next wine & design

ACTION: RC to find out about potential lathe

ACTION: JK to order business cards and flyers


New (arising from this meeting)


ACTION (SH) To bring in old cordless drill

ACTION (TP) to do audit of band room equipment

ACTION (HF) to investigate arduino parts and stuff for courses & syllabus

ACTION (Subcommittees) to ask for people interested in subcommittees

ACTION (TG) - Manipulation of the history of core mailing list. (not yet done) Can someone else do it?

ACTION (JMM) - First aid kit status (catalog and advise)