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Committee Meeting 2016.02.13

Carried over
  • ACTION: Stuart to investigate EFTPOS pin pad.
  • ACTION: SKoT to get prospectus to StuartM for ACNC/Cultural org. registration
  • ACTION: SkotM to review prospectus and contact Kool Room to arrange follow-up Not Done
  • ACTION: SKoTM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts Not done
  • ACTION: MK to wrangle a new sign Not Done
  • ACTION: Stuart to add wiki section on How to cancel/suspend membership. Ongoing
  • ACTION: NickB to order laser spares.
  • ACTION: MegT to order band room air conditioner.
  • ACTION: MitchK to get quote for security cables.
  • ACTION: SkotM to replace office door lock
  • ACTION: StuartM to wrangle potential sponsors for website.
  • Present:
  • Apologies:
  • Absent:
  • Opened: OPEN
  • Closed: CLOSE
  • Next meeting: NEXTMEETING, n weeks
Status Accepted/Rejected

Chairperson's Report


Treasurer's Report

  • Last known bank balance $8541.66 - 11/02/2016
  • :( Members are NOT paying promptly :(
  • Bond Value - $5615 up from $4965.00 - 11/02/16
  • TidyClub/Stripe payments yet to hit NAB account at 11/02/16: $312.03
  • March 2016 Lease $3993 to be Paid 29/02/16
  • All other usually outgoings paid (Instant Waste, Vivid Wireless, BOC gases, Synergy


  • Decided on NAB
  • Costs $40 per month, No cost on the first $1500 put through, 1.5% on ALL transactions after that.(EFTPOS not treated differently.
  • No Cash out
  • Accepts (Visa/MasterCard/UnionPay/EFTPOS)
  • No minimum transaction amount
  • Currently Awaiting Terminal - 16/2 Delivery to my home - Application sent 20/01/2016, NAB gave verbal approval 01/02, Approval doc.s received 10/02. Delivery date advised 16/02. We must use the terminal prior to 29/02 to accept NAB's offer of the terminal.

Equipment Expenses - Committee Approved

  • From $1700 recommended available for spending on 01/01/16
  • SPENT - New Door Lock $226, Band Room AC $589, Laser Parts $268
  • TO BE SPENT - Cabling/Tools for electronic work bench ~$227, Drop Saw ~$400
  • No further funds for equipment are available at this point. Hopefully come next meeting.

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members

Michael Grau-CONCESSION, Jessica Mooney-CONCESSION, Daniel Sonnabend-CONCESSION, Luke Brooks-FULL, Hugh Frazer-FULL, Stefan Elliott-FULL, Alex Crook-CONCESSION, Stephen Hicks-FULL, William Blakers-FULL, Ryan Coleman Crow Jones-BAND, The Double Jumpers-BAND

  • Current Numbers: X full, X concession, X visitor members, 6 Bands (7th coming….Modular Man)

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
  • Upcoming


  • EFTPOS - See Treasurer's Report
  • Website Advertising - Website repairs first - Clarification of what ADs - Google ADs
  • How to cancel/suspend membership on WIKI - Done

Infrastructure Report

  1. Website in need of major fixing - Who can fix. (Calendar has disappeared, BitCoin and PayPal need removing)
  2. Western Wall Shelving
  3. Large Objects taking up space
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