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Committee Meeting 2015.07.18

  • Present: JD SM TG NB DOM JM BD MitchK
  • Apologies:
  • Absent: WC
  • Opened: 1200
  • Closed: 1210
  • Next meeting: Sat 20150815-1100, 4 weeks
Status Accepted
Moved By TG
Seconded By DOM
  • SM: Perth City Coucil have a grant, has written to them
  • GovHack Team won a $1200 prize! will demonstrate at RAC
  • JD: FabCafe has a mini trial going ahead: running workshops
  • ACTION: SM: Ready to apply, will contact Ray Barron

Chairperson's Report


Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance: ~$2000, some cash
    • July rent not yet paid
    • Subcommittee: funding crisis!

Membership Officer Report

    • Updating snapshot now
    • Approval of New Members
    • Current Numbers: X full, X concession, X visitor members

Events Officer Report

Infrastructure Report

  • MK: I wish to lodge a complaint against the committee member who keeps moderating me from the list with no explanation or discussion as to why
    • May not be by design
  • ACTION: SM: Ready to apply for building status to council, will contact Ray Barron
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