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Committee Meeting 2015.01.03


Previous Action Items

  • ACTION: TG: Check if we have some cashflow for a repayment towards towards [PRD]'s never-never: maybe $58.94 ?
  • ACTION: MK: Bringing in CO2 fire extinguisher 20141207, forward claim through, get inspection for tagging them (expected cost: $110 callout, $25/extinguisher)
  • ACTION: MK: send the login details through 20141207, re: FTP account to the Roleystone WAFreenet BTSync area backup
  • ACTION: JD can write up some bulletpoints re: tidyspace, Artist memberships, drama, acid, rain, will need help to formalise, to discuss this month.
    • Main thrust: Name your stuff, otherwise it will be disposed with prejudice
  • ACTION: JD: Announce 2014/15 committee to artifactory-core mailing list
    • Done
  • ACTION: TG&SM: to set up WC as second sponsored member
  • ACTION: TG to invoice: MK would like to renew at the corporate-sponsored $1200pa for December
  • ACTION: TG will chase up with WC re: CHCW, we expect a $250 request, which may turn into a Lotterywest grant
  • ACTION: WC leading the charge to write a first round project plan? Help needed? What next actions required?

Additional Agenda Items

  • LC1290 “Big Red” has been out since 20141212, dead HV PSU
    • Ordering from via Adam Fiannaca, is it on its way?
      • LC1290 replacement power supply HV PSU for 150W laser tube, USD$410
      • LC1290 replacement belts, USD$110
      • LC1290 focus lens - 20mm diameter x 63.5mm focal length, USD$50
      • Shipping, guess $80?
      • USD $650 ~= AUD $800, has been paid to Adam's account
    • Ready to install the HV PSU when it arrives?
      • Artifactory laser experts and wannabe-experts: clean the LC1290
        • Both the machines need regular cleaning/maintenance
        • cleaning the bed
        • inspecting/cleaning the mirrors, the lens
        • check the belts for the alleged damage
        • extraction declogging
        • the laser tube and the wiring has a layer of dust
      • Check mains voltages - the circuit for the laser area seems to be a few volts higher than the rest
    • Pick up the order from Adam soon after the 7th


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  • Apologies: JD NB
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Meeting Times

  • Opened: OPEN 1100?
  • Closed: CLOSE
  • Next meeting: NEXTMEETING, n weeks
    • Sat 20150131-1100?

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  • Instant Waste: Prices will be rising, as State Government prices for landfill have risen by 100-500%

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Agenda Items

  • Stirling City TODO status for RC rated capacity number:
    • exit light needs illuminating (battery replaced?) - design is fine
    • “No Escape” signs over both rear doors, as they only go to a closed courtyard
    • fire extinguishers need tags
    • carpet edges need to be pinned down in some way so as not to be a trip hazard
    • spray paints and flammables into metal cabinet
    • …then an formal survey by Ray Barron (~$1000), then submitted to council

General Business

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