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Committee Meeting 2014.11.12


Additional Agenda Items


Members Present

  • Present: JD NB TG JM JoeFallon MK
  • Apologies: WC SM MK DO'M JS
  • Absent: BD

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 1807
    • Wine&Design special event: time&venue
  • Closed: 1901
  • Next meeting: 20141206-1100, 3.5 weeks?
    • JM: apologies
    • then laser training
  • First Saturday vs Second Saturday for the December silly season?

Minutes of previous meeting

Status Accepted (passed without dissent)
Moved By JD
Seconded By JM


    • SM: some Stirling Council updates in email
    • JD
      • Approached by artist at ArtLab
      • Another person (Branden) wants to lasercut a logo and hook up some sound artists with the Modular Synth group
    • JM: Jean-Michel artist-in-residence is really getting into things, hacking his electropiano
    • MK: Greg from Belmont stopped by, likes the space, has a printing company

Property Report


Officer Reports

Chairperson's Report

  • People seem to be knocking on our doors wanting to know how to get involved

Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance: $915.24 - includes an unapplied (in tidyclub) payment from WC.
    • December rent paid. Up to date with bills.
    • Monies in space building up and in need of banking. Income & Expenses Report01 Oct 2014 to 31 October 2014
Income - Total$6,131.46
Income - Membership$3,929.31
Income - Event $1548.24
Income - Bond$653.91
Expenses - Total$8479.73
Expenses - Rent$7780.85
Expenses - Equipment$112.48
Expenses - Electricity$364.85
Expenses - Misc$100
Net Profit$-2,348.27
  • ACTION: NB: Agenda next meeting: can we make another $108.94 repayment towards towards [PRD]'s never-never ?
    • Balance is now $2258.94

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members
      • including case-by-case sponsored annual memberships
    • Current Numbers: X full, X concession, X visitor members
  • WC queries:
    • Apparently we did not formalise the $100 membership level with tool access included (approval was given during the AGM)
      • …but we can proceed and take those memberships anyway
  • MOTION: New membership level; grantable and revokable at the discretion of the committee
    • $100/month including time costs for tool usage, fair sharing still applies
    • (We'll keep a close eye on argon and ABS/PLA usage. Supply your own perspex/laserfood.)

^ Status | Accepted (passed without dissent) |

Moved By TG
Seconded By JM
  • Are documention/TidyClub updates required?
    • Manually applied, not a self-selected optional addon
    • WAIVER RELEASE & INDEMNIFICATION is shown, same for all memberships?
  • Handle these manually in the interim?
  • I wish to use this level this month and next. I have transferred appropriate funds to this effect.
  • Care to rehash the usage agreement from the sponsored membership, and make this level of membership a thing?
  • ACTION: JM: Apply WC's November membership
  • TidyClub transactions show:
    • 28 people have paid at the $72-$75 monthly rate, bringing in $2035/month
    • 2 people have paid at the $43-$45 monthly rate, subtotal $2124
    • Plus AV, total expected $3474/month
    • Rolling monthly numbers do show a recent uptick in full paying subscription members since midyear

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
  • Upcoming
      • DO'M has organised a stall at the BSF 2014 Food & Retail festival
        • Help wanted - this coming Saturday!
        • Anyone that wants to help staff the stall is welcome
        • Anyone that wants to display or demonstrate or sell their own items is welcome
        • Projects and display items at the ready!
        • Moppy (floppy drive musical instrument) is running on 3 channels, debugging another two
        • DO'M needs to see how the Arcophone interfaced with the midi keyboard
        • Nice to include other addressable/RGB/sound/movement/robotic/control based projects. Simple and raw is fine
        • Power available
        • Hoping to include some Arduino/Pi/etc. projects to catch attention and generally advertise the space and its capabilities as well as those of the members
    • Tue 20141125-1930 NoizeMaschin!! #41
    • Sat 20141206-midday: Laser training
      • Next scheduled training day: First Saturday of December, after the 1100 committee meeting

Previous ACTION Items Status

Sub-Committee Reports

Infrastructure Report

    • Little red LG500 is not cutting well
      • TG: crosshair aims missing from plastic tubs?
      • Maybe Adam can help?
    • Lasagne in the fridge in a ceramic bowl (NM's tagine?), mouldy bread
      • People aren't guaranteed space in the fridge

Agenda Items

  • Problems arising from a specific member's space usage
    • [In-camera discussion]
    • Problems are acknowledged and addressed for now
    • Member is still welcome here

General Business

  • DO'M reports:
    • Host areas updated and relabelled
    • snapshot of membership roll added to committee section of wiki
    • 3D printer received, assembled, documented and thank you sent.
  • JD: Laser training
    • Next scheduled training day: First Saturday of December, 20141206
      • (after the 1100 committee meeting)
    • MK has a training template in his shared area
  • The hackerspace is for hacking! We should showcase some of our cool happenings to each other
    • 300 seconds of fame lighting talks!
    • at Wine&Design re-booted? or fresh gatherings!

ACTION Items Resulting

  • ACTION: NB: Can we make another $108.94 repayment towards towards [PRD]'s never-never ?
  • ACTION: MK: Bring in CO2 fire extinguisher, forward claim through
  • ACTION: MK: set up a FTP account to the Roleystone WAFreenet BTSync area backup
  • ACTION: next month review: Tidy Space AREA HOSTS
  • ACTION: JD can write up some bulletpoints re: Tidy Space Policy, Artist memberships, drama, acid, rain, will need help to formalise, to discuss this month.
    • Main thrust: Name your stuff, otherwise it will be disposed with prejudice
  • ACTION: JD: Announce 2014/15 committee to artifactory-core mailing list
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