Perth Artifactory


Committee Meeting 2014.10.11


Previous Action Items

  • ACTION: TimG: September rent to pay
    • Paid! and October already done!
  • ACTION: TG/DO'M: Update/Implement TidyClub membership items
    • Implemented. New sponsored membership category (one sold so far) and new membership rates.
  • ACTION: MitchK: Fire extinguisher refresh
    • All refilled, one has expired and needs replacement
    • New 3.2kg CO2 fire extinguisher $147: motion to buy one
      • ACTION: MK will do, forward claim though
  • ACTION: Bank access: TimG: Jason and more visit NAB MtLawley this coming month, will mail the committee list about it
    • SM: We've signed the NAB ID transfer papers, yes
      • Who would we like to be our new signatories? All of exec?
        • JM, TG, one to sign, only one SMS 2-factor auth in enabled at a time: TG's personal phone
          • Possibly add JD
      • What is our direct deposit transfer limit?
        • $5000/day
  • ACTION: Scrap metal: DO'M will organise with Graham, the metal salvage guy, for a Tuesday 20140916 morning pickup
    • Graham made one load, can come by again. Not a lot left for him
  • ACTION: We would like a report back regarding next door's van
    • RH back in action!
  • ACTION: next month review: Tidy Space AREA HOSTS
    • DH gone (where's the aircon timer code?), WC busy
    • ACTION: DO'M: Callout to general membership: list current hosts and new area hosts needed
    • DO'M: Project storage and new limbo near offices and front door
  • ACTION: next month review: btsync access
    • WC has created new shares, details at bt_sync
    • Synced to
      • Not yet!
    • ACTION: MK will set up a backup to the WAFreenet

Additional Agenda Items

  • WC: $100 repayment towards [PRD]'s never-never
    • Proposed: TG; passed without dissent
  • WC, NB: REmida think we're overusing our membership? Someone there told WC that only the Artifactory Committee has access, for Artifactory projects; whereas we thought we got 10 visits a year to do with as we pleased. We've probably been using less than 10 visits pa, but it's not like they've been keeping us updated
    • Now expired
    • Good place! Can publicise to members, CH has used it
    • Not our local anymore
    • Proposed: SM, passed without dissent
    • ACTION: JD will post to the artifactory-core list
  • RH: The mitre saw is missing both the depth control screw and the guard screw… very dangerous. The thread gauge from the tap and die set is also missing, so if anyone knows where it is or has one can they leave it on my muck table and I will get screws/bolts for it on Monday
    • Screws: great!
    • Thread gauge: Don't know where it is. How much is a replacement?
  • MK, NB, DMagnus: tidyspace, Artist memberships, drama, acid, rain
    • JD: Policy reminder: Official contacts to the members should be from the Committee and be run by the Committee first
    • ACTION: JD can write up some bulletpoints, will need help to formalise
    • Defer full discussion for next month
  • WC: Cornwell House Community Workshops (inc)
    • Signup forms and paperwork for Chair at next committee meeting
    • Documents share/email 20141009: CHCW/Paperwork/
      • Application for Membership - ready to sign.pdf
      • and rules of association etc


Members Present

  • Present: JD NB TG JM MK RaymondSheh Matteo DO'M SM
  • Apologies: WC BD
  • Absent: JS

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 20141011-1320
  • Closed: 20141011-1451
  • Next meeting:
    • Special one-off time/venue (not clashing with Beaufort St Festival)
    • TIME: We20141112-1800
    • VENUE Rosie O'Grady's, JamesSt, Northbridge
      • Snug Bar, if available
    • NOT: Second Saturday, 20141115-1300, 5 weeks

Minutes of previous meeting

  • AGM + post-AGM
Status Accepted
Moved By TG
Seconded By D'OM
  • ACTION: JD: Announce new committee to artifactory-core mailing list


    • City of Stirling: Please send us building approval forms
      • SM: City of Stirling: awake and asking for building approval forms this month
      • We have 2 weeks to reply
      • DO'M: Foyer entranceway door opened wrong way: removed
      • ACTION: SM: will get a building surveyor in; TG knows a building inspector; there will be costs involved
    • Lotterywest: You're welcome, Artifactory, please feel free to apply for new grants
      • Shared area: Committee/Lotterywest-2013/thank-you-come-again.20140926.jpg
      • John Parker volunteers! ACTION: JD will talk to him
      • Fire exits: ACTION: Matteo can do a quote?

Officer Reports

Chairperson's Report

    • Money coming in!
    • but some hiccups

Treasurer's Report

    • Everything's fine! but not for November rent ($39xx), yet
    • Last known bank balance: $3264.56
      • after October rent paid, Instance Waste, $111 for 6 month's Argon gas bottle rental, $364.85 for September's power
    • Owed $10000 in invoiced membership

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members
      • A few new names being welcomed
      • TG: formally approve Raymond Sheh's Curtin-sponsored membership (approved case by case)
        • Yes!
    • Current Numbers: X full, X concession, X visitor members

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
    • Sa20140920–21 SAGA reunion, probably about $400 cash/drink stock to the space
      • 14 non-subscription members, $215 profit after expenses?
    • Sa20140926–28 2014 IEEE-RAS Response Robotics Summer School and Workshop
      • Thanks to all – Raymond Sheh
        • Certificate in office!
      • $1,595.00 + $1,200.00 deposit = $2,795.00 - expenses (food&drink)?
        • 116 drinks (1.5/person/day) + some chips sold
      • Friday: 23 visitors + 3 space members
      • Saturday: 34 visitors + 4 space members
      • Sunday: 34 visitors + 3 space members
    • We20141008 ArduinoU
      • Well attended, much hacking
      • Arcophone sparking again! thanks SM, Cheshire!
  • Upcoming

Previous ACTION Items Status

Sub-Committee Reports

Infrastructure & Property Report

  • Was roof leak fixed? Ask AudioVault
  • MK: Portal light at door
  • SM: Battlestar Galactica with MIDI controlled LED lighting at stage

Agenda Items

General Business

  • MK: Need a new carpark lighting PSU, 12V+5V PC PSU?

ACTION Items Resulting

  • ACTION: MK: CO2 fire extinguisher, forward claim though
  • ACTION: next month review: Tidy Space AREA HOSTS
  • ACTION: DO'M: Callout to general membership: list current hosts and new area hosts needed
  • ACTION: MK will set up a BTSync area backup to the WAFreenet
  • ACTION: TG: $100 repayment towards [PRD]'s never-never - no changes? Was a transfer made?
  • ACTION: JD will post re: REmida to the artifactory-core list
  • ACTION: JD can write up some bulletpoints re: tidyspace, Artist memberships, drama, acid, rain, will need help to formalise, to discuss this month
  • ACTION: JD: Announce new committee to artifactory-core mailing list
  • ACTION: SM: will get a building surveyor in; TG knows a building inspector; there will be costs involved
  • ACTION: JD will talk to John Parker re: volunteering to write up a (Lotterywest?) grant request
  • ACTION: Matteo can do a fire exit quote?