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   * Infrastructure report by email   * Infrastructure report by email
-    ​* Lathe belts +<​file>​ 
-    * Timer floodlight +Subject: Potential Apologies 
-    * Can't give appproval for expenses right now+Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 10:04:36 +0800 
 +To: artifactory-committee at 
 +    ​* Lathe belts ordered, somewhere in the mail 
 +    * Timer floodlight: 100w LED flood, the construction of a small box with an automatic timer and manual / bypass switch for about $220 total - need is approval from the do-ocracy 
 +      * Can't give appproval for expenses right now
     * Extinguishers     * Extinguishers
       * use water spray for laser small fires       * use water spray for laser small fires
 +      * about $80/h + parts by Global Electrotech - guesstimate at ~$200 to bring our extinguishers to code. Recommend buying some small units for specific machines (lasers) from Bunnings at ~$40/ea as the big ones are $300-400 to buy new - ouch! Again, if someone agrees, will book Global, buy some extinguishers and erect signage
 +    * No free cardboard recycling bins handily available yet
     * ACTION: DH email Anton about toolroom     * ACTION: DH email Anton about toolroom
     * JM recommends: Service big extinguishers     * JM recommends: Service big extinguishers
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