Perth Artifactory


Committee meeting for Perth Artifactory 11th May 2013

  • Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Meeting Opened: 1.36pm
  • Next Meeting: Saturday 2013-06-15-1300

Members present

  • Present: Peter D. Nick Bannon, Brendan Ragan, SKoT McDonald, Anton Lord
  • Apologies: Jenna, Daniel

Previous minutes



  • Correspondence
  • Reports
  • Events
  • Lottery West
  • City of Stirling (congratulations to Skot)
  • Geek Haven/Band clashes (occasional)
  • General


Treasurer Report

  • Current Bank Account Balance: $644.94
  • Current Never-Never Balance: $8575.61
  • Plus an additional $4228.24 of SKoT's balance as moved to CitrusDB for paying down (was $6828.24 at 2011-10-31, so there has been some progress on cutting down the debt)
  • May's invoices sent
  • Annual insurance has been paid
  • May's rent paid
  • Next month's (June's) rent might be a bit tight
  • Never-never - Anton has stuff outstanding (electrician for example)

Infrastructure Subcommittee


Qty Price Income service_description
4 25 100 Associate Concession Membership
16 50 800 Associate Membership
4 50 200 Concession Membership
3 0 0 Free Membership (AudioVault offices)
19 100 1900 Full Membership
1 800 800 Office 2 Rental
1 400 400 Office 3 Rental
Total $4200 nominal
  • 19 full (now 20)
  • 27 “other” (now 26)
  • $3000 nominal monthly membership subscription income (minus never-never paydowns)
  • Plus $400+$800 AudioVault office rental
  • Plus $100-$130 in day memberships
  • Meg Travers joining soon - sheet filled out
  • Sean Drill (DJ Asciimov)
  • ACTION 70/40 flattened membership form. Nick sending announcement to list. Kicks in 1/7/2013


  • NM & Industrial Night
  • SKoT will bank $1350 - $380 (Gilchrists)
  • Downing siblings soldering workshop - went well - we're getting a classroom of soldering irons.

Lottery West

  • Waiting for Antony Feldusen to return from vacation on 13th. SKoT will contact again.

City of Stirling (congratulations to Skot)

  • Planning Approval Application Lodged 2nd May 2013, with an hour to spare. Stirling City now processing, ETA on next stage a few weeks.

Geek Haven/Band clashes (occasional)

  • Sorted. Programming error.

Management Software System

  • Get WIKI document happening to react to. Brendan to kick off.


  • Sound gear rental 125 for tops, 75 for sub, 50 for foldback.


  • ACTION: Jenna: agenda mailout a week in advance again
  • ACTION: Chris: audio vault pile has shrunk satisfactorily
  • ACTION: Brendan: Quantify in writing what you need for your ASAP sound gear payment ( Anton has been paid for sound gear )
  • ACTION: Brendan: Rental of sound gear etc to swancon. Brendan will find out how much we can invoice
  • ACTION: Not assigned yet: Daniel&Brendan request: please make a requirements/specs list and it can go towards to the comprehensive member/hackerspace software solution that we will put together with the help of lottery west hopefully!


  • ACTION: Brendan: Start a Management Software System wiki page
  • ACTION 70/40 flattened membership form. Nick sending announcement to list. Kicks in 1/7/2013

Meeting Closed