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Committee Meeting 2011.10.19

  • BR needs a large ladder to check for wireless access
  • SM will do the “Artifactory CV”
  • Opened: OPEN
  • Closed: CLOSE
  • Next meeting: NEXTMEETING
Status Accepted/Rejected



Chairpersons Report


Treasurers Report


Membership Officers Report


Promotions Officers Report


Arts Liaison Officers Report


  • DH will set up openERP for Artifactory Closed: CitrusDB installed instead and configured/populate
  1. Financial matters
    1. To pay Skot $1,000 from Peter D's contribution and thus reducing Artifactory's liability to Skot
    2. Proposal for Never-Never liabilities going forward to be addressed through membership fee reduction when liability exceeds certain value (e.g. $2,000)
    3. Now we are buying stuff with revenue we should consider how the space will select equipment to be purchased and what equipment will be maintained using member contributions vs consumables that are considered a “you used it up you replace it” item. These systems will be important for justifying to the members where their money is going as at the moment it could be seen as at the whim of the committee.
    4. The value of the memberships invoiced was $3,350 at 1 Oct, several new members have since been added. Should people who are considerably behind in their payments want to stay on, with some (not all) of their back payment forgiven due to them not using the space, then I recommend we do as the membership revenue as invoiced meets expenses. Is this acceptable?
    5. I would like to establish a separate account interesting bearing account accessed only through the internet for bonds. All bond payments going forward will go into that account and we aim to make a monthly payment from the cash on hand (the existing bank account) to the bond account to reduce the current bond liability. Is this acceptable?
  2. Music Gear: this should be bought under the accounts of the Artifactory, with the debts known and the plan to pay it off established. It will help provide the gear is the Artifactory's for the purpose of insurance. Is this acceptable?
  3. Garden purchases: Authorise Anton to Buy Soil and reimburse. Anything with a relatively low cost to high member labor leading to space improvement ratio should be green lighted!
  4. Increase soft drink cost to $2 per can. I don't think we are covering the cost of the members who get the drinks time or petrol, or the electricity that cool 'em at present.
  5. Events:
    1. Sat 22 Oct: Nutty Professors' away team is a go; Rapture Electronic Music night is a go ($10 entry to non members. BR: did you organize license in end?)
    2. Mon 24 Oct: Reprap/electronics/classic comp Q: Who looks out for new members / charges visitors at these? Anyone structuring the content at all?
    3. Wed 25 Oct: Polytech West visit (morning), Arduino University 3 - networking. Need toysdownunder direct email…
    4. Tues 22 Nov: NM5
  6. Artist talks
    1. Sat 5 Nov: Artist Talk with Jeffrey Drake-Brockman.
    2. Suggest we get Spatula to commit to an Artist Talk now they are post-exhibition…?
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