Committee Meeting 2011.08.10

  1. DH will set up openERP for Artifactory.
  2. BR needs a large ladder to check for wireless access.
  3. SM will do the “Artifactory CV”
  • Peter Dreisiger
  • Skot McDonald
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Jason Muirhead
  • Opened: 20:40
  • Closed: 21:06
Status Accepted
Moved By Brendan Ragan
Seconded By Skot McDonald
  • Approached by Andrew Wheatley to take over the main lease
    • Everyone seems to be in agreement
    • We need to write a letter of intent (Andrew wants it ASAP)
    • We will tell him to pay the costs for him to take it over
    • Anthony will continue on
      • We will use a REIWA standard contract to avoid lawyer fees
  • Bills from Skip people, they have been paid
  • Correspondence from Symbiotica about biohacking, we've put it off until Nov.
  • Nothing to report.
  • Things are messy post GSPA, we should probably clean up.

Chairpersons Report

  • Proposed AGM for the 17th of September.

Treasurers Report

  • $3800 in bank. Member income is $2875 per month, 5 offices rented $500
  • Outgoings is currently $3211
  • Apparently the super-lease is $3500, so our outgoings will move to $3700 or something, but Anthony should cover the difference.
  • Sadness. :(
  • Great Steampunk Affare donated extra booze.

Membership Officers Report

  • Shay is not here

Promotions Officers Report

  • Promoting stuff via social medias.
  • More pamphlet drop required! Need new pamphlet!
  • Our blog is kind of sad - needs more conte

Arts Liaison Officers Report

  • Spatula is coming to the Open Day!
  • BR needs to send out nomination stuff for AGM. - Done!
  • DH will set up openERP for Artifactory.
    • PD - Debian with OpenERP installed but not configured
    • PD - hopefully in on Saturday!
  • PD has brought back one of the new ESXi servers, needs VM migration though.
  • Treasurer would like to apologize to the Arts officer due to missing bits.
  • Brendan Ragan moves that we have a Standard AGM on the 17th of September at 1400
    • Peter Dreisiger seconds
    • SM, PD, BR all vote in favour.
    • Motion Passes, notice has been sent
  • Silent Disco question
    • They are on indefinitely at the moment
  • PD's group at BHP is looking for a meeting room to meet in
    • SM was looking at a space nearer the city for a monthly/weekly do, perhaps these two things could be combined…
  • Diesel Transit Van
    • Needs some repair - goes out to core!
  • SM & DH to draft letter of intent
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