Committee Meeting 2011.07.16

  1. DH will set up openERP for Artifactory.
  2. BR needs a large ladder to check for wireless access.
  3. BR needs to send out nomination stuff for AGM.
  4. SM will do the “Artifactory CV”
  • Peter Dreisiger
  • Jenna Downing
  • Skot McDonald
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Simon Kirkby
  • Jason Muirhead
  • Opened: 11:11
  • Closed: 11:51
Status Accepted
Moved By Skot McDonald
Seconded By Daniel Harmsworth
  • NAB wants addresses and roles of everyone on committee for accounts
  • Instant Waste Management are generating more email
  • No correspondence from the tenants
  • Scitech want us to present 2 talks as part of Analog & Digital as part of science week
  • Tos Mahoney (Tura) wants a Paper about the Arcophone and running a gig at Artifactory
  • Leak in the tool room, Reported to andrew with photos - nothing moved

Chairpersons Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurers Report

  • Okay for August, but september might be interesting.
  • Banked $370 ish from drinks and fridge tin.

Membership Officers Report

  • Shay is not here

Promotions Officers Report

  • No Change
  • No more flyers in jaycar - do we have a new one?
    • Stack of various flyers, take some!

Arts Liaison Officers Report

  • Spatula is coming to the Open Day!
  • Many items completed
  • Spatula want a residency so they can build a bike. They have little money but are willing to trade running workshops for less money up front.
    • Student membership for one, and then running workshops.
    • Quick turnaround youth grant - $3000 for lots of people under 26
    • Offline it for email discussion.
  • Possible Tenants - Silent Disco Mob
    • We are doing the hard sell
    • Meeting with them at 1PM
  • We need to start prep for AGM - nominations
    • BR needs to send out nomination stuff!
  • Noisemaschin 1
    • 50 people possibly.
    • JM to do a drinks run to make sure fridge is stocked.
    • Need to make the Artifactory ready for the event.
    • Bose 802's will be fine.
  • Symbiotica Bio-Hacking workshop
    • $1500 to run it (equipment etc. costs)
    • if we get 24 people it's $70, if we get 32 it's $45 per head. need to see if we have those numbers
    • Two day workshop
    • We need some more time - probably early November is a good idea.
  • City of Stirling Grants
    • Big event grant not applicable (need to be running for 5 years)
    • Mini-Maker Faire possible, $3000 grant available from CoS.
  • Need to make a CV style page on the Wiki.
  • Nutty Professor thing
    • We have a free booth.
    • Need people to bring stuff down.
  • Harvey Lions
    • Lions clubs would be interested in the Travelling Hackbus.
    • They have all-encompassing insurance.
  • BBC Entertainment & Spirit Productions
    • Good event management companies
  • Cosplay workshop / turning the space into a cosplay friendly zone
    • People are getting overlockers.
  • BR needs to send out nomination stuff for AGM.
  • SM will do the “Artifactory CV”
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