Committee Meeting 2011.05.28

Members Present

  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Skot McDonald
  • Jason Muirhead
  • Simon Kirkby

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 15:10
  • Closed: 16:00
  • Next meeting: 4th June

Action Items

  • DH will set up openERP for Artifactory.
  • BR needs a large ladder to check for wireless access.
  • BR needs to get a quote for AV items.
  • JD & SM preparing for 6×6 presentation.
  • DH will sort out aluminium stock for milling.
  • BR send message to property manager about flooding.
  • BR will talk to the t-shirt guy about shirts.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Accepted - DH moves, SM seconds
  2. Correspondence
    1. Received 3 Electricity Bills that we didn't get
    2. Symbiotica wants us to give a talk (Below)
    3. Calls from People Jaycar have been sending us
  3. Property Report
    1. Flooding was a problem, apparently it's been fixed.
    2. Made of dirt and bricks, may need to be fixed.
    3. We need to send an official message about the flooding
  4. Action Items
    1. Working VM for openERP
  5. Chairman's Report
    1. Training day was awesome
      1. No lathe training due to member damage
    2. Conversion of visitors to members?
      1. Not Many yet…
  6. Treasurer's Report
    1. paid the electricity bills $600-ish.
      1. investigate turning machines off automatically?
    2. $1400 in the bank. FXpansion has agreed to more membership ($1200). Peter D loaned $1000 (eaten by Electricity Bill)
      1. June is paid for
    3. $540 banked from the fridge.
  7. Art Liason's Report
    1. Artsource are sticking us in their directory
    2. Symbiotica Talk
  8. Promotions Report
    1. GDC hasn't been posted, but everything else has.
    2. Forward warning about 6×6 talk and Symbiotica talk.
    3. Great Steampunke Affaire Nights (making costumes & weapons)
  9. T-Shirt Comp
    1. BR will talk to shirt guy
    2. BR will talk to jenna about black/white shirts
  10. Fundraising
    1. Lottery west pricing
      1. need more community outreach stuff
      2. Lets make games - $5 per head (includes a can of coke)
  11. Open Day
    1. Training + Open Day
    2. Making something with all the tools.
      1. Communal project (Storage?)
    3. 11th of June (Propaganda Begin)
  12. GDC visit
    1. Fantastic
    2. Tour of the entire facility (lots of space!)
    3. Showed us exhibits and pointed out a few things that can be improved on.
    4. Wants to put us in contact with their Machinist.
    5. Interesting dome space.
  13. Symbiotica Talk
    1. Giving a talk at the beginning of july
  14. Security
    1. Roller door fixed by Anton
    2. Meeting on Saturday the 4th June
  15. General Business
    1. Space is Messy
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