Committee Meeting 2011.04.16

Members Present

  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Simon Kirkby
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Peter Dreisiger
  • Skot McDonald

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 13:13
  • Closed: 13:54
  • Next meeting: 30th April, 1300

Action Items

  • SK will set up openERP for Artifactory


  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Accepted by SM and DH
  2. Correspondence
    1. Approached by Artsource
      1. They want to know about us. Woot.
      2. 6×6 talk spot in mid June
    2. iiNet
      1. Lots of back and forthing about lines and whatnot. Connection on the 19th
    3. Health Department
      1. Fines are pricey.
      2. We have signs.
    4. Antony
      1. Asking about the “tip” out the front / foyer
      2. We asked him about the cigarette smoke
    5. Andrew
      1. 4WD and “tires” - not sure what's going on
        1. Tires are probably not Andrew's
  3. Property Report
    1. Sign is Mounted.
      1. Yay for The Beacon.
    2. We have installed a Lathe.
      1. It was Heavy.
    3. Rollerdoor clear
      1. Let's keep it that way
    4. Jason organised stuff
      1. Yay!
      2. Please keep it clean
    5. Pauls car needs to be moved
      1. It's blocking the skip truck
    6. New tool space
      1. Still investigating - might be a cheap way of doing it.
      2. Lotterywest probably not best - better for a more general A/V screening thing. More applicable to the public.
  4. Action Items
    1. Core Emailed about nights to have in the space
    2. OpenERP hasn't been touched. Offlined
    3. Grovelling has not happened. Skip is no longer there.
    4. iiNet will be connected on the 19th
    5. Yuri's night was fun, not many non-members though
    6. Spreadsheet for toolshed done.
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Chairman's Report
    1. first 2 tool purchases
    2. Artist talk was awesome as lots of people came through!
      1. May have 3 more members!
  7. Promotions Report
    1. Sent in via email
    2. Poster has been started, should be out before easter
    3. Blog dump from posterous disabled, will be more
    4. Blog theme has been changed and it's nicer.
    5. SM has an idea - Adverts on Digital Photo Frames.
    6. SM has a crazier idea - an ad that is a rube goldberg machine.
  8. Art Liason's Report
    1. Emailed Pinstripe Circus
      1. No reply yet
    2. David Cake wants to do a burning man presentation
  9. General Business
    1. Simon Kirkby gone back to Central TAFE
      1. He will keep the office for the forseeable future
    2. Funds to pay people for mill once we have them
      1. Agreed
    3. Finished VMWare Letter
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