Committee Meeting 2011.04.02

Members Present

  • Daniel Harmsworth
  • Simon Kirkby
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Peter Dreisiger
  • Skot McDonald

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 13:11
  • Closed: 13:57
  • Next meeting: 16th April, 1300

Action Items

  • PD to email core to think about nights / etc for the new space
  • SK will set up openERP for Artifactory
  • SM will write grovel letter to St. Marys
  • BR will organize a co-tenants meetings.
  • BR will arrange Naked DSL.
  • DH will give JM infos about Yuri's Night
  • JM will inform the geek grups in perth and stuff
  • JM will get tool shed spreadsheet from Anton


  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. SM Moves, DH seconds
  2. Minutes from previous co-tenant's meeting
    1. Review of minutes
    2. SM moves we accept, SK seconds
  3. Correspondence
    1. Lotterywest
      1. DH sent an email.
      2. The phone minion didn't say 'no'.
      3. DH will continue to follow this up.
    2. SM got a bank statement.
    3. Someone wants to sell some mills.
      1. We have a steeple fund for the mills now.
    4. Jason is giving us a Sheet metal bender, metal guillotine
      1. These need safety stuff added.
  4. Property Report
    1. Towel rail was constructed
    2. Sign finished, we need to get permission to put it up.
  5. Officeholder Reports
    1. Chairman
      1. We have a Lathe Stand and paid for the Lathe.
        1. Wednesday week for arrival.
    2. Treasurer's Report
      1. Released $1300 to the Lathe. Leaves us with $7K in account. ~$3 outgoing for rent.
      2. One new full Member (DL)
      3. Another associate member
      4. Reminders going out for members
      5. May have lost an associate
      6. $1500 outstanding but this month hasn't been calculated
      7. $600 off sustainable
      8. Technically Insolvent
      9. Posters need to go into Jaycar
      10. OpenERP - SK says the initially install is done
    3. Publicity Report
      1. New twitter, new facebook, propaganda blog.
      2. Instructions need to go up on the wiki
      3. Bus factor needs to be lowered
      4. Into to Arc Welding this arvo and
      5. Yuri's night party on the 12th of April 8PM
        1. Need a screen!
    4. Art Liasons Report
      1. Submitted via Email. Art Liason 2011-04-02
  6. Lottery West
    1. They don't want a hugely detailed plan. Need a proper costing and a design however.
    2. Grant for equipment - specific section for woodworking/crafting/metalworking equipment for community spaces.
  7. Discussion about goods/equipment/junk coming into the space
    1. Designated Space for incoming crap, it gets emptied every 2 weeks.
    2. Designated Spaces for project areas. Getting projects onto pallets so they can be moved about
      1. If stuff is not in the incoming area or project space it gets ditched
    3. There is a limit on space.
    4. We need some sort of policy on this.
  8. General Business
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