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 +====== Co-Tenants Meeting 2011.03.29 ======
 +**People Present**
 +  * Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
 +  * Andrew Wheatley (AW, lessee)
 +**Meeting Times**
 +  * Opened: 19:00
 +  * Closed: 19:40
 +  * Next meeting: TBD
 +**Action Items**
 +  - **New**: Artifactory / AW to organize repair of power points, landlord claims not original therefore tenant responsibility.
 +  - **New**: Artifactory to draw up plans for external sign for clearance by landlord prior to mounting.
 +  - **New**: AW to approach AJ (Anthony Jessop, Co-Tenant) about indoor smoking issues.
 +  - **New**: Artifactory to move car to other end of carpark as in current position it is obstructing the gate.
 +  - **New**: AW to follow up with property manager regarding non-proportioned bills.
 +  - **New**: Artifactory to draw up plans for tool area for approval by landlord.
 +  - **New**: Look into solutions to air conditioning being left on (2 hour timer?)
 +  - AW to advice us of which tools he wants to place into the shared workshop
 +  - Artifactory to keep AJ informed of our plans and the possibility of running an additional exhaust duct to his spraying area
 +  - Artifactory to design and install an RFID-based physical access control system
 +  - AW to provide the Artifactory with some OH&S guideline documents (?)
 +  - AW to advise on the availability of decking or pavers for the outdoor bar area (?)
 +  - <​del>​Artifactory to move big metal bench frame outside this weekend</​del>​
 +  - <​del>​PD in continued discussions with AJ regarding longer-term Internet access and transfer of account</​del>​
 +  - <​del>​AW to forward power bill to Marc who will add it the Artifactory'​s bill</​del>​
 +  - <​del>​AJ to provide contact details for bin</​del>​
 +  - Artifactory has taken over the skip bin account.
 +  - All of the fixtures at the front of the property are tenant owned and maintained, landlord decries any responsibility. We are free to repair.
 +  - AW expressed some concern about continued clutter (Particularly triluminarium & pile of simulator bits), Have informed him of new Artifactory policies regarding space usage (see [[committee:​committee_meeting_2011.03.19|Committee Meeting 2011.03.19]] Minutes, Section 9)
 +  - AW acknowledges problem with indoor smoking but thinks that AJ will not react well to being asked to stop. Suggested that if AJ has a problem to contact Artifactory Committee.
 +  - AW has found air conditioning left on with space empty, need to talk to membership about ensuring the air conditioning is turned off and look into a technological solution.