Co-Tenants Meeting 2011.01.18

People Present

  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Andrew Wheatley (AW, lessee)

Apologies from Anthony Jessop (AJ, co-tenant)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 18:50
  • Closed: 19:35
  • Next meeting: 15th February 2011

Action Items

  1. New: AW to forward power bill to Marc who will add it the Artifactory's bill
  2. New: AJ to provide contact details for bin
  3. New: AW to advice us of which tools he wants to place into the shared workshop
  4. New: Artifactory to move big metal bench frame outside this weekend
  5. New: PD in continued discussions with AJ regarding longer-term Internet access and transfer of account
  6. Artifactory to keep AJ informed of our plans and the possibility of running an additional exhaust duct to his spraying area
  7. Artifactory to design and install an RFID-based physical access control system
  8. AW to provide the Artifactory with some OH&S guideline documents (?)
  9. AW to advise on the availability of decking or pavers for the outdoor bar area (?)
  10. PD to liaise with AW and AJ regarding short-term Internet access
  11. SM to contact AJ regarding the final lease
  12. AW to be added to the artifactory-core Google group


  1. Property report
    1. Lease done and signed; AW to provide us with a copy
    2. Artifactory still waiting on bank details
  2. General
    1. First OH&S incident; Artifactory will look into a business-grade first aid kit
    2. Question raised about big workbench. Artifactory thinks it's probably too large to remain inside but that it will make a good outdoors bench — to be moved out back and ultimately be covered by a lean-to
    3. AW does require a work area to be cleared out; those present discussed storage options for Andrew's surf skis, including on top of toilets
    4. Artifactory to ask AJ about his things in our office
  3. Shared Bills
    1. Power ($367.20 total, Artifactory to pay 80%); AW to forward bill to Marc who will consolidate
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