Co-Tenants Meeting 2010.12.21

People Present

  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Simon Kirkby (SK)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Skot McDonald (SM)
  • Peter Hillier (PH, observer)
  • Andrew Wheatley (AW, lessee)
  • Anthony Jessop (AJ, co-tenant)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 18:45
  • Closed: 19:25
  • Next meeting: 18th January 2011

Action Items

  1. New: Artifactory to keep AJ informed of our plans and the possibility of running an additional exhaust duct to his spraying area
  2. New: Artifactory to design and install an RFID-based physical access control system
  3. New: PD to liaise with AW and AJ regarding short-term Internet access
  4. New: SM to contact AJ regarding the final lease
  5. New: AW to provide the Artifactory with some OH&S guideline documents (?)
  6. New: AW to advise on the availability of decking or pavers for the outdoor bar area (?)
  7. New: AW to be added to the artifactory-core Google group


  1. OH&S
    1. Dust and fumes
      1. the Artifactory's heavy tools will generate dust and fumes; Anthony's t-shirt printing business generates paint fumes
      2. Artifactory to section off the heavy tools area from the rest of the space
    2. Unauthorised use of Artifactory tools
      1. tool use is restricted to Artifactory members
      2. heavy- and precision-tool use is restricted to members that have received the appropriate training and assessment
      3. AJ asked what his role might be in controlling access and tool use — neither AJ nor AW are responsible for ensuring compliance or supervising Artifactory members
    3. Unaccompanied or unauthorised access to the space: neither AJ nor AW have very many customers come through; those that do are always accompanied and usually restricted to the office areas
    4. General guidelines and policy documents: AW has some guides that might be helpful to the Artifactory as we prepare our own signs and documents
  2. Security
    1. Access control
      1. the Artifactory plans to replace the current key-based deadbolt with an RFID-based access control system
      2. AW asked if the system could be extended to control the exterior gate; DH said yes but no firm installation date was given
    2. Webcams
      1. AJ asked about our webcams' coverage and raised potential privacy concerns
      2. the Artifactory indicated that there will be two webcams — likely covering the tools, electronics and social areas — which only take still images, and then, only on demand
      3. the Artifactory also indicated that the primary purpose of these cameras is to allow members, and in particular associate members, to see who, and how many people are in the space; to make better use of the shared space, AW indicated that he would also like access to the webcam images
      4. to address privacy concerns, the Artifactory will likely restrict access to the cameras to registered users
  3. Internet access
    1. AJ currently has a Naked Home-1 ADSL plus VoIP service with iiNet that he is happy to share with us in the short term
    2. in the longer term AJ is happy for the Artifactory to take over the service, allowing us to get the features we need whilst still providing him with Internet access
    3. the ADSL router is located in comms rack in the front office; AW has the key to this room
  4. Waste collection
    1. AJ and AW currently share a skip that costs $27 per month plus $5 per collection
    2. they are willing share this service with the Artifactory — details to be discussed at next co-tenants meeting
  5. Shared Spaces
    1. AW and AJ asked about access to, and use of, the kitchen area and the drinks fridge in particular
    2. the Artifactory said this would be fine; payment for drinks can be left in the fridge as per the members
    3. regarding the rear outdoor area, AW said he might be able to source some pavers or decking for an alfresco bar area
  6. Final lease changes
    1. Skot to review tomorrow and liaise with AJ
  7. Ongoing co-tenants meeting
    1. the plan is to meet on the third Tuesday of every month; this may change once the Artifactory has settled in
    2. the purpose of the meetings is to ensure the smooth sharing of the space and to manage shared expenses
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